Friday, June 9, 2017


The girls have been taking a jazz class with some friends from church. There are 5 of them, and they make up half the class. They are pretty adorable! Hayden came over to get ready with them the day they had dance pictures, and we took our own since we didn't want o pay the outrageous prices they were charging!!!
 Afterwards we went to the park with Ava as well. Aubrey wasn't able to come, and we missed having her! These girls were cracking me up. They had STRONG opinions on how they wanted to pose, and nobody was changing their minds lol.

 Cute girls! Then came recital night, and they did great. I was hoping to get a picture of the 5 of them together, but somehow that didn't work out!
 Afterwards we went to Yogurtland. This made the night slightly more bearable for my boys who feel like attending a dance recital is one step up from death :>)

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