Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Capistrano Beach and Cristol

The Uphams came to visit! We have missed them since they moved. Monday night we drove to Café Rio for a girls' night and it was delicious!
 The next day we went to Capistrano Beach to hang out. The weather was perfect! Soon after we got there however the lifeguard came by to tell us that a great white shark had been spotted just 100 years offshore from directly where we were sitting. No swimming for us :<( The kids still had fun playing however.
And us mamas had fun hanging out as well!

The kids spent a good portion of the day like this. They were having fun, and at one point another kid came over who was a little older. He was chatting it up with the kids, and something felt a little off. Sonja was asking him some questions, turns out he was 13 and visiting his grandparents for the summer from Iowa. I wasn't paying THAT close of attention to him, but all of a sudden Sonja ran over to his side and asked if he was taking pictures of one of the girls. He was denying it but she got his phone and found several pictures he had taken of a very inappropriate area of an 11 year old girl in our group. At that point the mama bear came out, and she  held onto his phone while telling him to get his grandfather and come back. He didn't want to but eventually he left. At that point she called the cops. It took awhile for them to get there, and when the boy's grandpa got there I think he thought she was completely overreacting, but they sat down to wait. The kid was totally lying and saying that he "accidentally" took the pictures, his camera doesn't even work so he didn't realize he did it. Baloney! When the cops came, they showed his grandparents the pictures. At that point they realized it was more serious than they thought. The cops did a great job of basically scaring the crap out of the kid, they had him sitting in the back of their car and had a nice long talk with him about the seriousness of this situation. Eventually they let him go, and all we can do is hope that he doesn't do anything like this again. Not sure if he just thought it was a funny joke or if there is something more serious going on with him, it's sad because he's just a kid himself :<(
Once all that craziness cleared up, we had another enjoyable hour til we headed home. Someone wanted to take a shadow picture, someone suggested we spell the word "love." Cristol rolled her eyes and said, "LAME" so we spelled that instead. Love it :>) 

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