Sunday, April 30, 2017

Glenn and Karla's wedding

My cousin got married! And he picked a good one, we all love Karla. They got married at the McCormick Ranch in Camarillo, and it was a beautiful day!

We were all so happy to be there. The girls made sure they wore their pink dresses because "that's Karla's favorite color."
 and they certainly loved being around her!
 We couldn't get Sabrina off the dance floor.

 It was a wonderful day with lots of family. Love my cousins!
 Heather did a beautiful job on the photos of course :>)

Tuesday, April 25, 2017


I took all 4 kids to the dentist (yikes!), and they told me that my 9 year old needs braces! The orthodontist showed me the x-rays with all these big teeth to come in and a very tiny area for them to go. He also showed me a couple teeth that are coming in super high up on his top gums (which I had not noticed!) because there is no room for them to come in elsewhere. He recommended that he get stage 1 braces for a year now with an expander to make his jaw bigger so he doesn't have to get permanent teeth pulled when he was older. Then he can get them again in a few years when he gets all his permanent teeth. Yay. SO, here he is. He has been sore, but doing pretty good so far!

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Clean Extreme

This year, the project for Clean Extreme was to pain a wave mural on a LONG (almost a mile) cinderblock wall. It is always amazing to see all these volunteers in green shirts come out to beautify our community!
I was worried that there would be paint everywhere, but the kids actually did really good. And with all those people we knocked it put fairly quickly! Which is a good thing because it was HOT.

 Once they added in the gulls and other stencils it looked really great!
  Love this family of mine :>)

Friday, April 21, 2017

Father Daughter Dance

The girls were counting down the days til the Father Daughter dance! The theme was "ties and tiaras" and they were pretty excited to go on a date with their dad. We had friends visiting in town so I missed it all, but they had a great time!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Arrow of Light

Brendan received his Arrow of Light award! They had a nice ceremony down by the lake.

 He crossed the bridge over to boy scouts, and can now start wearing his ginormous shirt :>)

Proud of Brendan and these boys!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Brendan's birthday

11! How is that possible? Brendan is growing like a weed. He is a smart kid! He recently got into the magnet program for our district for middle school, we are really proud of him. He loves to read, play video games, play with Samantha, and EAT! He still really enjoys tae kwon do, and has been working really hard towards his upcoming black belt test. He can complain with the best of them, but he really is a great kid and we are lucky to have him!
 It is a non-party year, and he decided he wanted to invite a couple of friends to go to the air show. It was a first for my boys, and they had a great time!
They met some neat people and saw a lot of cool stuff. They loved all the tricks the planes did!

 Afterwards they pigged out at Farrell's :>)
 His actual birthday was on Easter, so after we did all the bunny stuff he was able to open his gifts. He was really excited for her new nerf gun and video game! 
 He also got new scout stuff since he is moving up from cubs. His scout shirt is ENORMOUS. It's an adult medium, but Rich pointed out that it needs to fit him for the next 6 years. He could realistically grow a foot plus in that time frame, which is kind of crazy to think about!
For his birthday dinner he picked steak, sausage, and mac'n'cheese (hello cholesterol!). For dessert he wanted a peanut butter trifle. This marks the first time I haven't decorated a cake for his birthday, I really kind of struggled with the fact that he is too old for Star Wars and superhero cakes. What is happening???
Happy birthday Brendan, we love you!


We had fun getting ready for Easter! We did our traditional flashlight egg hunt at the park...
and did another egg hunt with cousins (the girls had a THIRD egg hunt with primary but I didn't take any pictures!)
Kristi was at our house and we dyed eggs.
Easter baskets are always fun!

 I love to see these kids all dressed up :>) 

 We had a great day at church with our family celebrating our Savior!

Friday, April 14, 2017

San Diego

We took the kids on a quick trip down to San Diego over spring break. We started by doing the Torrey Pines hike (which I tried REALLY hard to find last year and was actually not difficult to find at all). We went close to 4 miles, and the kids whined a bunch, but it really was so beautiful! They got to climb on fun rocks
 and take a cool little staircase down to the beach.

 The views were beautiful!

 and there were wildflowers everywhere.
 Afterwards we headed to our hotel. I've never stayed in an Embassy Suites before but it was perfect with 4 kids! On the app it let me pick our room, so we got a beautiful view of the Midway. The guy also gave the kids all donuts when we checked in, and the breakfast was delicious. We'll be back!
 We walked around Seaport Village with the kids and had a great time. They really are at a GREAT age for this!
 We all enjoyed seeing the Midway and all the boats in the harbor.
 Whitney was the one who wanted to go look at this statue, the other kids did not approve lol.
 We also spent a few hours down in Coronado, I love that beach!
 Grandma and Bob came down to join us for a bit as well.