Thursday, March 30, 2017

Pack Meeting

Brendan earned his Webelo patch! He will get his Arrow of Light next month and then he is DONE with cub scouts. Not gonna lie, that makes me a bit sad!

 Seriously, it is near impossible to get this kid to take a normal picture!
 Carson got some awards too!

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Karla's Shower

The girls and I drove out to Simi Valley with my mom for Karla's bridal shower. We are excited to have her joining the family! And the girls were excited to go to their first bridal shower. They were cute models in the toilet paper wedding dress game. It helps that they are short :>)

I didn't take any pictures but I'm glad to steal these from everyone else :>)

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Weekend with the Neilsens

The Nielsens came to visit for a couple days over their spring break, and it is always fun to see them! My kids were super excited to have their friends sleeping over, which meant they went to bed REALLY late and were up REALLY early. They were kind of a disaster by the end of the weekend but we did have fun getting to that point :>) Saturday morning Stacey and I took the girls to see the poppies. We were able to find a pretty hillside without a single person tromping around! Seriously, poppy-mania has been in full force and the traffic has been a bit ridiculous. They are so pretty though.
Love these cute girls!

That evening the adults went down to Balboa beach to celebrate Niki's birthday. We rented beach cruisers and rode around for a bit. 
It took some arm twisting, but I convinced Rich to get a tandem bike with me. He said he hates tandem bikes but I thought it was great!

 Cronuts were involved!
 Afterwards we went to dinner at Mam D's which was delicious.
 Sunday  we went to church and had dinner at the Hannon's. These boys had lots of fun together!

Saturday, March 11, 2017


The wildflowers have really come out the last couple of weeks, and poppies are EVERYWHERE!!! It's probably been 9 years since I've seen this many, it is so beautiful driving around right now. I took the kids to see the flowers, I figured the boys would think it was lame but they actually thought it was pretty cool. They weren't wild about taking pictures though :>) Every once in awhile I take the camera off "auto" mode and break out the fancier lens, I definitely could use a lot more practice (and didn't realize til I got home that a lot of them are not focused great) but it's still fun to play around now and then.

 So pretty! The hills will be brown and crispy soon enough, I'm just enjoying this while it lasts.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Vernal Pools

I hiked to Vernal Pools with my mom and Kristi last spring, but it was all dried up. We figured there would be a lot of water with all the rain this year, and it did not disappoint! The Santa Rosa Plateau is so pretty right now.

 The kids were really excited to see a water snake (yuck!!!) and they found lots of fairy shrimp. The boys hadn't washed out the spray from crazy hair day yet!

 They are cute kids, even if it is impossible to get them to all look at the camera!

Crazy Hair Day

Crazy hair day is always an adventure with these kids! I bought some new less-than-stellar colored hairspray this year, so we had to improvise a bit, but we worked it out.
Whitney's hair was super fun, BUT by the end of the school day it wasn't looking too hot! 
 Sabrina had the bun hawk

 my boys need a haircut!
We went to tae kwon do later that day, and the boys sweated it out in their helmets during sparring. When they took their helmets off their whole head/face was a weird purplish/black color. So gross!