Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Whitney's tooth

Whitney lost her first tooth! I knew it was loose but didn't realize HOW loose, it fell right out when she was eating a strawberry. She was really excited! 
She had some very high expectations from the tooth fairy. When I saw this note I couldn't stop laughing :>)
The tooth fairy left her a note in return, and while disappointed she settled for her single dollar lol 

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Park City

We had plans for another fun trip to Park City with friends this year. We booked our flights and reserved our snowmobiles, and then Rich got in his accident :<( He's still having a lot of pain in his neck and chest, and we knew he wasn't going to be able to do any high-impact activities. We still went anyways, and had a great time! We flew up to Salt Lake the evening of the 22nd (happy birthday to me!). We got in after 11, and the Hannons rented a car with us to get up to the cabin. We picked up our little Corolla, and headed out in a ton of snow up to Park City. The roads were pretty hairy, and we had to take a detour to get around a big truck fire (which closed the freeway for close to 12 hours). Christine told us the car wouldn't make it up the hill, so we stopped at Walmart to try to buy some chains but they were all out. When we got to the gate at the base of the community, the guard advised us to park down the street at the ski parking lot. The Nielsens then drove us up to the cabin with them. The next morning, everyone went to go snowmobiling and Rich and I stayed at the cabin. Originally we had planned to use the rental car to go out and do stuff, BUT it was 4 miles down the hill and when we called to find out how much it would cost to get a 4 wheel drive taxi or Uber up the  mountain to take us to the car the price was between $75-99. No thanks! Instead we had a VERY relaxing day, and took a nice little walk in what felt like a blizzard.
 We made matching snow angels (that completely disappeared within the hour because it snowed THE WHOLE TIME we were there.
Seriously, SO MUCH SNOW!!! You couldn't even go out the front door.
 That night we went to the hot tub and a yummy restaurant. 
 The next day the girls went shopping. They are a fun bunch! 
 Swig was on the agenda as well
 We would check on the rental car periodically, and Kim tried to brush the snow off so it looked like it was being used.
 That plan clearly didn't work however, because Saturday morning we drove down to pick it up and the car was no where to be found. The parking attendant told us it had just been towed a couple hours previous because it had been there for 4 days and they had left multiple warnings on it. That ended up costing another $258 to get it out, and we were all really annoyed because that was where the HOA told us to park and it had barely been there over 48 hours (I don't know where he got 4 days from). There were NO warnings on the car and no signs anywhere in the parking lot stating a limit on parking time. That ended up being an expensive car for something that barely got driven :<(  When we realized we weren't going to be able to use it much we talked about taking it back, BUT we needed the room to get everyone back to the airport so we kept it. Oh well.
We also had a lot of fun game nights!
And lots of delicious food!
 It really was beautiful up there.

Rich was not the only gimpy guy up there. Nathaniel fell while snowboarding and ended up tearing some ligaments by his clavicle, so he was in a sling for the last couple of days. Also, the day after we got home Mike went to the doctor to discover he had a hairline fracture in his arm. We are all getting old!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Playing in the Rain

We have had SO MUCH RAIN this year! I love it. The kids really like to go play in it, and I love to see them out there together having a blast.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine's Day

Grandma Gray made a really fun Valentine's Day treasure hunt for the kids and neighbor boys. She was waiting for them at the corner when school got out, and they had to follow the clues. They had to shoot the heart targets... 
 do "heart jumps"
 do a 50 yard dash
 and a few other stops where they did various tasks like shoving their mouths full of marshmallows and singing songs. They got their candy treasure, then decorated cupcakes.
This is what Brendan decided to wear to school today in honor of Valentine's Day :>)
The girls got heart hair which they always love to do!

We had our traditional candlelight dinner, I love how much the kids look forward to this every year!

Monday, February 13, 2017

Carson's Birthday

Carson is 9! Man I love this kid. He is so smart! And SO STUBBORN! Getting him to do anything he doesn't want to can be quite a challenge. If he sets his mind on something however there is no stopping him. He loves football (specifically the Raiders), sharks, dinosaurs, video games, and watching sports on tv with his dad. He enjoys tae kwon do and looks super serious when he is practicing! He really hates piano but I continue trying to trudge along slowly with him :>)

 For his birthday he requested a football cake.

 It is a no-party year, and he decided he wanted to go to Medieval Times. He invited his friend Brennen and these boys had a great time (the fact that they got to eat with no utensils was a big draw ha!). We were in the yellow knight's section (who wasn't all that impressive), but these boys cheered their hearts out. Honestly I had more fun watching them than the show :>)

Happy birthday Carson, we love you!