Monday, December 25, 2017


Christmas was great this year! We had a nice morning with family opening gifts and eating crepes. The boys were excited to get Dodgers World Series hats.
The girls are LOVING their new karaoke machine (their brothers are not huge fans surprisingly)

Kristi sent me this picture of the boys enjoying the inflatable chair, sometimes they actually DO like each other :>)
Kristi got us a cool Dodgers corn hole game
In the afternoon we went to the Schramm's for our LAST family gathering at this house. Their new place looks pretty amazing though!


 We are all excited for Sarah and Kameron to have a baby this year! The youngest cousin is going to be a mama, so crazy to me!

Sunday, December 24, 2017


I LOVE how excited our kids get for our elf to come every year! This year Jiminy was a bit lazier and didn't do as many cool things, they kids didn't seem to mind though :>) We did have a few favorites! He left us a rainbow science experiment.

 He was rooting for the boys at their spelling bee!
 The t-rex got him
 He gave us all mustaches
 and danced with some cute twin elfs!
 He also enjoyed some stargazing.
Til next year, Jiminy!

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Christmas Parties

The ward Christmas breakfast was fun! Brendan's friend Maxx came, and they had a good time.
 The girls love their friends :>)

 We also went to see the girls perform in their school Christmas program. It was adorable, and this mama is sad that we don't have many of these left!

 After the performance I had to go to work, but the girls went back to their class with Rich, Kristi, Mom, and Bob to decorate gingerbread houses. They loved it!

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Cookie Party and Christmas Party

We had the annual cookie party at Merry's this year. It was lots of fun, and the white hot chocolate she made was completely amazing!!!
 The next week we had the family Christmas party at our house. The kids always have a great time together, and it was fun hearing them all do their little performances. Aunt Kathy was gone on her mission this year, but we FaceTimed with her during the hippopotamus song so she could enjoy it as well :>)

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Spelling Bees and Band

My boys did so good in the spelling bee this year! Carson finished first in his class, so he went to the school bee. They gave him a GIANT list of words to learn in ONE WEEK, so we studied long and hard. He really learned a lot of them, and I felt confident that with a little luck in word selection he would do quite well. The first 3 rounds went by, and he knocked those words out! Then the 4th round came, and I realized that NONE of those words were on the list. Carson had the word "tacit" but the guy pronounced it "tacid" and he missed it. Round 5 came, and once again none of the words were familiar. He missed again and was out, kind of a bummer because we spent SO LONG practicing those words and they didn't even use the list. Such a waste of time! Oh well, always next year. Brendan also was first in his class. I called the school to find out when the school bee was, and they told me it was NOT for parents :<( He won though! The teacher messaged me saying that he was a "spelling machine" (proud mama moment). Then we found out that the district bee is the same day that he will be gone at science camp, so he has to miss it :<( Such a bummer, he was looking forward to some redemption after last year! I'm proud of them though. Spelling is not as necessary in a world of spell-check and talk-to-text, but it's still a good skill to have.
We also went to Brendan's winter band concert, and while it was LONG it was fun to listen and see how far they have come this year. The advanced band was pretty impressive, it will kick up a notch next year! Glad he has great friends in there with him.

Friday, December 8, 2017


After Samantha died, we knew we wanted to get another dog. We took the kids to the shelter several times, we found a few maybes but no dog really stuck out. The night before Thanksgiving, Rich found one online he wanted to check out, so we headed over there. We didn't find the one he wanted to see, but we DID find a dog named Indy (it was a sign!). They had her listed as a one year old lab (cross breed pit bull). We always said we didn't want a pit bull, BUT they brought her out of her kennel and she was super calm and sweet, we were pretty smitten right away :>)
We decided we wanted to adopt her! We filled out the paperwork, and they were getting ready to close. The lady told us that animal control needed to inspect our yard first, since the next day was Thanksgiving they could come on Friday. We left her behind, and everyone was super excited for our new pup! On Friday, Rich stayed home to sleep before work while the rest of us went to the beach. He called the shelter to check in around noon, and they said we had the all clear! He picked her up then went to work, and we came home soon after (side note, when he went to pay for her he was informed that since it was Black Friday, she was 1/2 off. Who knew?). We were in love with this sweet girl! She was pretty scared and shaky for the first little bit, but soon warmed up. Her name had already been picked out for months (Cody Bellinger was hitting tons of home runs for the Dodgers this year as a rookie, Rich and Carson decided a long time ago that our next dog would be named Belli).
 She liked her new bed, and spent a lot of time in the house with us (yay for housebroken dogs!!!)
 She does pretty good on a leash, she doesn't get crazy and pull us behind her like our last dogs did :>) If we are out front she will hang out with us and not run away which is amazing!

 Somewhere along the way we became those people who buy clothes for their dogs. Seriously though, a dog named after a Dodger NEEDS a Dodger shirt, right?
 Our kids adore her, and she LOVES them. When they come home from school Belli bounces around like Tigger and it's pretty adorable!

 She's not perfect for sure. One night we put her bed outside while we were gone so she could have a soft place to lay down. Instead of napping she COMPLETELY destroyed that thing. There was stuffing EVERYWHERE!!! She also likes to dig holes in our yard. And eat shoes and whatever random stuff the kids leave lying around. A couple times she has thrown up on my carpet after eating who-knows-what (which is pretty gross).
When she thinks we aren't looking she likes to sneak up on the couch (and sometimes I let her stay!). We do need to do obedience training for sure though. 
Welcome to the family Belli, you are loved!

Monday, December 4, 2017

St. George

We had our annual girls' trip to St. George, and it was so fun! Late nights with good friends, way too much food, tons of shopping, and lots of great memories :>)

The most memorable part of the trip was on the way home. We were somewhere between Mesquite and Vegas and it was WINDY. All of a sudden the carrier on top popped open. Kim pulled over right away, and we found that half the items up top (which were mainly Kim's purchases) were gone :<( We got out of the car, and used the flashlights on our phones to try to find stuff on the side of the road in gale force winds. We were actually able to find a good amount over the next hour (some of which was completely busted)  over 1/4 mile or so. The highway patrol guy stopped to check in, apparently quite a few calls came in about us suspicious people :>) The giant hot wheels set was nowhere to be found though!