Tuesday, August 8, 2017


We have been planning this Hawaii trip for close to a year, it felt like it would never get here but it finally did! My kids were SUPER excited to ride an airplane. It was the twins' first plane ride, and the first one that the boys could remember. We woke up at 3:30 to head down to San Diego, and the flight went great!
After we landed we got our rental car and drove by the Kona temple. So pretty!
We were a day behind the rest of the family, so we drove over to the Hilo area and met everyone at Robinson Beach. There was some great snorkeling!

 Afterwards we got some delicious shave ice (I always want to put the "d" in there lol). After awhile we headed back to the plantation. Charlie and Mary stayed in the big house with most of the grandkids, and the adults stayed in these cute little cottages. Rich and I had the green one!
That night we hung out with all the family

 Day 2 (Wednesday) we went to a nearby snorkeling beach. We saw a bunch of fish and the kids had a blast.

 Afterwards we drove all around trying to find the hot springs. Finally we gave up and went to the macadamia factory. We tried some delicious nuts and it was fun to see how they make everything!
Thursday we drove back to the Kona side to go to Hapuna beach, which we were told was ranked the best beach in the country. It WAS beautiful! White sand and turquoise water.  

 After a day at the beach, Brendan and I went parasailing! I have never been before and it was a lot of fun. It was neat to experience that with just Brendan. Amy, Wyatt, Eliza, and Zane were on our boat as well so it was fun to watch them go also!
Friday morning Rich and I went for a run. We were about a mile or 2 in when it started POURING. I don't think my shoes dried out the whole rest of the time we were there. It was beautiful though!
 After that we drove around to see some waterfalls. First we went to Rainbow Falls.
Behind it were some enormous trees that the kids had a blast climbing.

 Next we went to PeePee Falls. We hiked down and some of the kids had fun swimming.
 We also stopped by the Big Island Candy Factory. We tried lots of yummy things! 
 fter that Rich and I took some of the boys down to Kaumana caves.
We came home and made dinner, then Rich, Brendan, Wyatt and I went down to Pahoa to rent bikes and ride to wear the lava flows into the ocean. It was 4 miles each way through this crazy lavascape. One the way back, riding by full moon it felt like we were on another planet. It really was one of my favorite things! 
 It was incredible to watch the lava, it is an amazing planet we live on!
Saturday morning was a little lazy, we took our time getting ready then some people watched the Dodger game while some of us went to check out the little shops in Pahoa. There were some cook murals!
 Afterwards we drove to Volcanoes National Park. The volcanoes were pretty incredible! 
We checked out the Thurston Lava Tube

and hiked Desolation Trail.
Sunday we took some pictures with the family. I love these people!
And I love this picture :>)
 After church we had our own little luau, complete with talent show. And coconut bras :>) 

 Amy planned a surprise vow renewal for Charlie and Mary and it was sweet. 48 years of marriage right there :>) 
Later that evening I went with my sister-in-laws and some of the kids to see the sun set on Kaimu black sand beach. It was beautiful!
Monday was our last day, we finally found the hot springs!
They were actually more lukewarm, the kids got bored fairly quick so we went to Onekahakaha beach (we got the recommendation from a local guy, we had to have him spell that one for us lol!). It was a pretty little place.

 And we found a sea turtle! It was funny to watch everyone chase it around.


 After awhile we headed back to the house to finish packing and head out to the airport. It's so sad when vacation ends :<( It was my first experience with a red eye flight, and maybe my last. I don't think anyone slept much, but SO WORTH it to have such an amazing trip! Thank you to my wonderful in-laws for making it happen!!!

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Wyatt's Homecoming

On our way back from San Francisco, we met Wyatt and his family at In'n'Out right after he got off the plane. We missed him the last couple of years!
On Sunday we went to hear him speak, he has always been a great kid but it's fun to see how much they grow up while on their mission. Literally as well, I think he is a good inch or 2 taller than when he left! It was fun to see the comparison of him with the kids from before he left.