Saturday, December 31, 2016

New Year's Eve

My kids REALLY look forward to New Year's Eve. They love to stay up and eat junk food and play games and spend time with the family. I love that they like to hang out with us. I figure we better enjoy that while it lasts :>) We had a great night. Whitney has an ear infection brewing and wasn't feeling too hot (she took a nap in the middle but woke up to enjoy the last hour). She was also getting over the flu (as were Carson and Sabrina) so it was pretty low key. We played lots of Quixx and Sequence, watched a movie,  and made our traditional pazookies. Sabrina passed out at 11:45 but woke up when the ball dropped and looks totally with it in this picture ha ha.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Ortega Falls

The day after Christmas we went on a little hike with the Thompsons. We had gotten quite a bit of rain the previous week, so we decided to go see Ortega Falls. We had never been there, and knew it had been dry for awhile, but were hoping with all the rain it would be flowing. We hiked down with the kids... 
 expecting to see something like this...
BUT we saw this instead. A TEENY little trickle.
 So instead of seeing a cool waterfall we hiked over super slippery rocks that were bone dry (instead of being underwater). The kids still had fun though!

Afterwards we went to Weinerschnitzel which made them even happier :>) It was a fun outing with our family!

Sunday, December 25, 2016


Christmas was great this year! We spent Christmas Eve at home with Aunt Kristi, we watched some Elf and nativity videos and talked about CHRIST. Then the kids scattered their reindeer food so that Santa could find our house! 
 And boy did he find it! Our kids got spoiled this year.
 Sabrina was pretty stoked to get these Thor glasses :>)

 Mom and Bob came over for presents and breakfast, it was a nice morning. We went to church at 10, and it was a beautiful program. It's been awhile since church was on a Sunday (I think we skipped over Sunday with Leap Year previously) and it was nice to get a spiritual note in.  I meant to get a picture of everyone all dressed up, but in the chaos of everything I completely forgot!
 I did get a picture though where I am wearing the lovely flower crown Brendan got me :>)

 Brendan wore his Darth Vader pjs and night vision goggles for most of the day. I laughed every time I saw him :>)
 The girls got outfits that matched their American Girl dolls. I love this so much :>)

After church Aunt Kathy came over as well, and we had a yummy dinner and relaxed while the kids played with all their new toys. It was a great day!

Saturday, December 24, 2016


I LOVE how excited my kids get for our elf Jiminy to return every year. He is a silly elf for sure! Here were some of his favorite tricks this year.
 Of course Star Wars is involved. Often.

 He shared a lot of jokes with the kids one day and we heard them OVER and OVER. All. Day. Long.

BUT I think this one was everyone's favorite hands down!
Til next year, Jiminy!

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Bainbridge Falls

I didn't think we were going to be able to make the Bainbridge lights this year, but then my friend Jaime asked if I wanted to take the girls with her while our big boys helped out at a mutual service project. I love it down there! Every year it seems to get bigger and better. 

Jaime is amazing, it's always fun to hang out with her!

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Jones Family Christmas Party

 We were happy to have the annual Gray/Jones family Christmas party this year! Last year it got cancelled last minute because half my family had the stomach flu. We ate yummy food, enjoyed the many talents of our kids, sang songs, and enjoyed each other's company.

 These kids keep growing!!! Next year we will have Wyatt back :>)
The twins had a lot of fun with Abby doing hair and make-up. Love these girls :>)

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Spelling Bee

At school they had a spelling test, and the top 1-2 from each 4th and 5th grade class went to the spelling bee. We found out Brendan qualified about a week before the school bee, when he came home with a giant list of words to study! The day came and he was nervous! He did so great though. Once you missed 2 words you were out, and he got the first 4 rounds correct (annual, stratagems, Einstein, and churlish). At that point it was down to just 3 kids, and the other 2 had already missed one. He missed his 5th word (ebullience) but the other 2 missed theirs as well so he was automatically in! Then they did a tie breaker for 1st place after they did a tie breaker for the other 2. He missed the first one on a silly word to miss (reputation), but the other girl missed hers as well and then he spelled integer for the win! I don't know who was more nervous during this whole thing, Brendan or me ha ha.
 It was so fun to watch him up there. Afterwards he told me, "Mom, that was the best moment of my life!"


 His class was very excited for him as well and threw him up on their shoulders.
 He really loves his teacher!
 Afterwards I took him to Yogurtland to celebrate, where he got the biggest cup of yogurt I have ever seen. The guy running the bee told him that as a reward he gets to "study all winter break for the district bee." Exciting :>)