Monday, November 28, 2016

The North Pole

We took our traditional trip to see Santa at the Bass Pro Shops. After a lovely dinner at Chick Fil A, Rich and I waited in the LONG line while the kids played the games.
 and colored
 and built lots of log cabins!

 Finally we got to see the man himself. He asked the kids what they wanted for Christmas, and they all froze. Crickets. Finally they started spurting stuff out!
 Grandma was able to come with us as well!

Sunday, November 27, 2016


I have to say that I love kindergarten and all the cute things that they do. These two made some pretty adorable turkeys!
On Thanksgiving morning, we woke up early and went with Kristi to do an unofficial turkey trot (Barry organized such a fun one the past few years, but it was getting big and the city started cracking down on this free event with no insurance, etc. Boo). The girls rode bikes, and the boys tried to run. Carson did great and pretty much ran the whole 3 miles. Brendan....well he tried. Kind of. He said his leg really hurt, I still haven't figured out how much of that was legit and how much was an excuse! We made it though.

Once we FINALLY got the kids back to the car, we went over to the McDowells for delicious Thanksgiving breakfast. I didn't get any pictures, but it was fun! Then we came home and cleaned up to go to the Schramms. We did get to see Rich for about 5 minutes when he woke up right before we left :>) The kids have so much fun with their cousins! 

 They spent a lot of time playing MASH. Hilarious!!!

 It's always good to see family. I was having a rough day due to the fact that Jessica had just passed away the day before, but it does make me happy to be around all of these great people!

 The rest of the weekend was nice. We went to the beach, did Christmas present with Janine and Nathan (the girls THOROUGHLY enjoyed their new make up kits!!!)
they clearly do not subscribe to the "less is more" theory lol
On Sunday we went to Kathy's for the cookie party. It was nice and low key, and I do think this might have been my favorite round of cookies yet. Not one dud in the bunch! I brought Almond Joy cookies this year.  These kids are all getting so big!

Friday, November 25, 2016

Janine's Birthday

For Janine's birthday we headed down to San Diego. We started by going to lunch at a little hole in the wall Mexican place (whose name I can't remember). It only had a few things on the menu, but they were good! After that we headed down to Coronado beach. It was a nice day, but not nearly warm enough to swim in my opinion. Of course that didn't stop my kids though :>) 

We took a nice walk down to the fence for the military base (when we got too close we started hearing alarms about "Attention Pedestrian!"). Carson was very excited about the cool sand dollar he found, until Brendan broke it. Many tears were involved, but Grandma came to the rescue and found him a new one!

It was a nice day with our family! They went to dinner afterwards, but my kids were done by then so we headed home.

It gave us a chance to set up our tree! This year Brendan picked a talking clone trooper ornament
 Whitney picked ballerina Barbie
 Sabrina got Rainbow Dash
 and Carson picked Batman. They helped a ton with the tree, I'm starting to believe there might actually come a time where they can put it all together themselves while I sit on the couch and supervise :>)

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Rugged Maniac

One day my friend Bryn said we should do this crazy race, so we signed up. I've never done a mud run before, and didn't really know what to expect, but it was a lot of fun! It was a 5K course with 25 obstacles. Some were a little lame, and some were amazing. Before we started we were so clean :>)
The Commando Crawl involved crawling through mud pits under barbed wire.
None of us did very well on the rings. We all fell in the mud, but had a fun time doing it!

We were the last heat of the day, and the "flames" were not nearly as impressive as they were earlier. We still pretended it was hard core though :>)
At the end we had to climb up a warped wall (which did involve some help from random bystanders, that thing is harder than it looks! Especially when your shoes are soaked and muddy!) and then slid down a big slide into muddy water.
 Honestly, 3 miles went by in a flash, it was a lot of fun. I'm glad it was a nice day though or we would have been popsicles, that water is chilly! I love that I have friends that like to do fun crazy things sometimes!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Hammerheads

The twins were excited to play soccer again this year. They changed the age brackets, which meant they moved up to U8 (even though they were only 5 when the season started). I wasn't sure how that was going to go! Most kids in that bracket are between kinder-2nd grade. They ended up being on the Hammerheads withh Coach Chad (who was wonderful!). Our team was really young compared to the other teams, and they weren't very good. As in they scored 4 goals the ENTIRE season. They did have fun though, and never gave up. Whitney was pretty aggressive last year, but she took a couple of good hits the first couple games (which involved her leaving the game in tears) and it took her awhile to come back from that. 
Whitney really liked playing goalie, some games Sabrina said she did and other games she said she never wanted to play goalie again!


Their coach was really patient with them, and no matter how badly the game was going he never lost his temper. It was commendable! The last game things really seemed to start to click, and Whitney started to get her groove back a bit. I think if the season kept going they would have started to score a bit more, BUT it was still nice to end on a good note.

 After every game the kids would go sit under this tree and eat their snack while we recapped the game.
 They were cute kids!
We had our team party a few days later, and the kids had a blast playing laser tag and other arcade games.

It was a fun season!