Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween Festivities

Halloween was fun this year! We made our traditional Halloween pumpkin cookies. Man, I love those things!

 For costumes, Sabrina was a popcorn Shopkin
 Whitney was a witch
 Carson was Captain America (he picked this out on clearance last year for $3!)
 and Brendan was a werewolf (he got this costume on clearance last year and was very insisten that it was what he wanted, but he couldn't wear the mask to school or trunk or treat so that bummed him out a bit. Then when it came time to trick or treat he barely wore it lol)
We had fun at the tunk or treat (my first ward activity I was in charge of as RS president!)

they carved their pumpkins
We went to the Fall Festival at school
(since B couldn't wear his werewolf mask he decided to put on a random combo of other old costumes!)
and on Halloween night we went trick or treating with the McDowells, Hannons, and Thompsons. Rich took the older boys out for a long time and they came home with a RIDICULOUS amount of candy. Good times!

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Halloween Party

The Anderson's had their annual Halloween party this year, and it was lots of fun! I have thought for several years that Rich would make a great Mr. Clean, and I was right. He was voted "Best Male Costume." It made for very easy costumes this year :>)
 There were lots of fun costumes!

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Belt Testing

The boys moved up another belt rank, and got their red belt with the black stripe. They are working hard and improving, and really love Mr. Gio!

Thursday, October 13, 2016


Indy was born in August of 2005, right about when we found out we were pregnant with Brendan. Frank and Amy's dog had puppies, and when we went to visit they were so stinking cute that we decided to get one. I do remember us having a conversation that the dog would probably die when our oldest was 9 or 10, but that seemed SO far off!!!
 She was our first baby! We loved her.  Even though she was crazy and destroyed our yard and chewed up EVERYTHING. After we got Samantha, the fence at our old house started going out. And the neighbors' gate didn't latch. Every day (usually multiple times a day) they would find weak spots of the fence to punch through, and once in the neighbors' yard they had a straight shot to freedom. I would get calls ALL THE TIME from people who found her, it drove me crazy. One time Indy ended up in the pound, and I was so frustrated I seriously considered leaving her there. We got her though, and I'm so happy we did. 
Then kids started coming right after another, and she was SO GOOD with them! They would jump on her and pull her tail and ride her like a horse, and she loved it. 

 A couple weeks ago we started to notice she was losing weight. Carson would feed both dogs in the morning, and when we paid more attention we noticed that she would eat a bit, and then Samantha would finish off her food. All of a sudden we had one skinny dog and one extra chubby one! We tried giving her extra, but she wasn't really interested in dry food. She would generally eat treats and people food (chicken, rice, etc) so we just tried feeding her what we could. She still acted fine, definitely slower but she didn't seem to be in pain or anything so we just kind of watched it. We tried talking to the kids about how she was getting older and probably wouldn't last a whole lot longer, every time we brought it up the boys started to cry :<( On Tuesday Carson came in after feeding them to say that Indy was lying under the trampoline and wouldn't move. She wouldn't eat or drink anything. The kids went off to school, and I just kept an eye on her. I tried to get her up but she couldn't. I figured it was probably time to put her down so I called the vet, they didn't have an appointment until 4:30. Rich was working OT so I called him and he started driving home. I carried her in and laid her on a blanket inside, and sat with her for a long time. After I picked up the girls from kinder they got to spend good time with her as well. Around 12:30 she managed to get to her feet and hobbled to a corner behind Rich's recliner, and the thought that went through my head was "She's finding a quiet place to die." Sure enough, a few minutes later her breathing got all crazy and soon she was gone. It was horrible watching the life go right out of her eyes, but I'm glad I was able to be there with her. Rich made it home about 2 minutes after she passed. I was so glad, because I was a wreck. We picked up the boys from school, and they were devastated. None of us realized that morning would be the last chance they would have to see her. We took her down to the animal shelter, and let the kids say goodbye to her. Whitney didn't seem fazed at all, but the rest of the kids LOST IT. It was heartbreaking, We were all sobbing in the parking lot. Finally we were ready to let them take her. To cheer the kids up we got Slurpees and talked about our favorite memories of Indy. They were happy for a bit but it has been HARD on Brendan and Carson. The last couple of days they will act fine and then burst into tears out of nowhere. Several times a day. They are sad, and it makes Rich and me sad. Poor Samantha is not doing great either, and seems totally lost without her sister. Good bye Indy girl, we will miss you!!!

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Family Pictures

We haven't done legit family photos with a photographer other than myself in THREE YEARS. Rich tried to tell me it wasn't necessary, but I won the battle :>) It was a busy morning since I was in charge of Sper Saturday, but I got home and we hurried to get ready to drive out to see Heather. I love how they turned out!

Brendan. We are still working on not doing a cheeseball smile when the camera comes out :>)

Afterwards we met up with the rest of the Keil family to have dinner at Cafe Rio. Yum!!!!
The kids always have a blast together, and I always have fun seeing my cousin!