Friday, September 16, 2016


Well I wasn't expecting to be dealing with BOYS in kindergarten, yet here we are :>) A couple weeks ago a friend asked Sabrina what she liked to do at school, and her response was, "Chase Logan on the playground!" That was the first I heard of Logan! After that though she would chat about him frequently. He is a cute little boy, and when I volunteered in their class I noticed he would bring over her lunchbox at snack time and do nice things for her. Then she came home from school with a present. That he made. For her. When she showed me she said, "Mom, our friends think that we're in love, but we're just friends." I am dying!!! He also gave her a bracelet. Kinder crushes are pretty cute.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Birthday Girls

SIX! That is just crazy to me. These little ladies are sure growing up. We woke up to their birthday breakfast choice of chocolate chip pancakes. The rest of the day was pretty low key; we went to stake conference, played games, ate their birthday dinner choice of hot dogs and broccoli (???), and watched Annie.It was a nice day with my girls :>)
She is a little sassy pants who takes what she wants and is unapologetic about it (we are working on that ha!). She loves her family and is a great reader and has lots of friends. 

She also has a lot of attitude :>) 
She is definitely the more sensitive of the two, and will often cry about things that are not important. AT ALL. She loves to cuddle on the couch, and hold my hand when we are walking. She is also a great reader, and really enjoys school (and the boys lol).

These girls are great little friends (except when they're not ha!). They are enjoying playing soccer, and love all things girly (especially princesses, Barbies, My Little Ponies, and Shopkins).  
 Happy birthday to these two goofballs, we sure love you!

Friday, September 9, 2016

Mermaid Party

How are my babies turning six???? They went back and forth for a LONG time deciding what they wanted to do for their birthday this year, and finally decided they wanted Ariel to come to their party. All the girls arrived, and we were anxiously awaiting for the designated arrival time. I was looking forward to getting cute pictures of her coming in, BUT the second the girls saw Ariel get out of her car they shot out the door like rockets and ran down the street to mob her. There was a lot of squealing involved and it was entertaining :>)

 Face painting was a hit!

 She led the girls in lots of dancing and party games, and told the little mermaid story (complete with singing - she was impressive). 

 These were happy and excited girls!

I couldn't believe it when they girls decided on the same cake this year. I have always made two but they both wanted the mermaid in the water (because who doesn't want jello on their cake lol) so I just made a big one! Can you guess who was pink and who was purple???

It's always crazy when you get that many 5-6 year olds running around your house, but the twins really had a great time. And next year is a "no party" year so I am ready for a break :>)

Wednesday, September 7, 2016


One week into the school year I woke up and noticed my head was itchy. That happens sometimes, and ever since we had lice a few years ago whenever my head itches I dig out the lice comb because I am paranoid like that. It's always clear, but not this time :<( I checked all the kids, and the girls had it too. NO!!! I called off work and called them out of school and off we went to Walgreens to buy the shampoo. After combing through Whitney's hair for a LONG time and getting anxiety about going through all this again I picked up the phone and made an appointment at a lice salon. It was expensive but WORTH IT. She got everything out of all our hair, then I went home and cleaned. And did laundry (12 loads in just over 24 hours). And changed all the beds. And bagged up a bunch of stuff. It was a hot day, and we are enrolled in the summer discount program, and late in the afternoon I realized they had turned off our a/c and it was 84 degrees in our house. All I could think was "I AM SO DONE WITH TODAY!!!!." Then I had the thought come to my head that if lice is my biggest problem, I'm doing ok. That really made me think. It was an annoying problem and horrible day, BUT it was very temporary. How many people wish that lice could be their biggest problem. After that I was able to move through the rest of my clean-up with a semi-cheerful attitude. All rechecks have been clear so far, so I think we beat it!

Monday, September 5, 2016

Labor Day weekend

On Saturday of Labor Day weekend we took a little family hike up to Mt. Rubidoux. It was pretty!

 The kids are at a fun age for stuff like this now. We spent the rest of the day watching a lot of college football :>) Then, on Sunday Rich got released from the bishopric! He's been in for about 5 1/2 years so it will be nice for him to be home more. He was in young mens for a long time before that, he has been going to mutual for close to 11 years :>) On Monday we went on a little hike at the Santa Rosa plateau with the Thompsons and McDowells.  

We finished off with Sonic happy hour. Yum!