Thursday, June 30, 2016

Magic Mountain

The kids all got free tickets for Magic Mountain from a reading program at school, so we decided to take them. Rich and I haven't been there in at least 15+ years, it has changed a lot in that time! And holy moly it was HOT!!! We had a good time though. We met up with Heather and Elisabeth for a bit in the morning. I was always so jealous as a kid of my cousins who had the Magic Mountain passes, and they still have them today. How fun to live close and come over to ride a couple rides now and then! We had more of a drive though, and it was serious business for us. We were there from just after opening til closing :>)
It wasn't TOO crowded, so we got to go on a lot of rides!

 and rides are way more fun with your cousins :>) 

 A lot of the rides you need to be 48" for. Sabrina is RIGHT there, but Whitney is a good inch too short. I did take Sabrina on Superman, the look on her face during the ride was HILARIOUS and I thought for sure she would cry but when we were done she was all giggles and smiles. I tried to take her on X2 but they said she was too short, afterwards I was glad though because I really don't think she would have handled that one well! Later that evening James, Ben and T.J. came to hang out for a bit as well. We took Brendan on some of the rides that all his siblings are too short for, and it was lots of fun. Then we picked up Carson to go on a couple more that the girls are too short for, they thought it was amazing! I can't decide if the roller coasters are more rickety or I am just older. I still love them but my head hurt by the end of the day ha ha.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Water Park

There is a fairly small waterpark not too far away that opened recently. At Christmas time they were selling $5 tickets so I bought some. Our friends were going, so we tagged along. After spending so many years as a teenager lifeguarding at good-sized water parks, it wasn't super impressive to me. My kids however thought it was awesome. And since it was 106 that day it was nice to cool down for a bit! I don't think I would pay full price, but we definitely got our $5 worth :>)
 These kids are all so cute! 

Monday, June 27, 2016

New Video Game

The boys pre-ordered the Star Wars 7 Lego video game quite awhile ago, and have been anxiously awaiting the day it became available. Mary took them to the store to pick it up, but they couldn't get it til a certain time. 9:01 to be exact :>) I took them back when it got closer, and the store employees were really nice. They gave them all kinds of Star Wars posters while we were waiting in line and my boys were really excited. As we picked up the game one of the employees said they had to get rid of this giant cardboard contraption, and asked if my boys wanted it. I started to say NO  but their exuberant "YES" overruled me so now we have this. Just what we need :>)

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Red Belts

My boys got their red belts! They have been working really hard and I'm so proud of them. 

We are also going to miss Mr. Rector!

Sprint Tri

I did my first sprint tri in September 2014 with a local triathlon club. I really enjoyed it, and had big plans to do more events with them. I even went online and bought myself a legit tri kit. Then I injured myself, and couldn't run for over a year, and had serious doubts whether I would even be able to take the tags off that purchase of mine. Now that I'm starting to run a bit the past couple of months, I was really excited to start doing more races. I looked at their calendar and was really sad to see that almost all their events are on Sundays this year (they used to be all Saturday, but they said they get better attendance on Sundays. Bummer!). I had great plans to get all kinds of people coming out to their one Saturday event, thinking that if we had big attendance then maybe they would do more Saturdays next year. Quite a few people said they would do it, BUT things came up and people flaked out and there ended up being me, Rich, my friend Larissa, and 2 other club people. That's it. Might have been their smallest attendance ever (usually they have 15-20 I think). So much for my great plan! I still thought it was great though! Rich's first triathlon and my second, so it was nice and low key. He finished faster than me in the swim by a couple minutes, but I passed him in the bike. He had a FAST transition (I had to change my shoes but he didn't and blew past me), but he slowed down at the end so I could catch up and we crossed the finish line holding hands. That is totally cheesy but I love him for it :>) I don't have official times yet but I think we came in at 1:38ish (last time I was at 1:51 so I was really happy!). If my leg holds up we might just have to sign up for a big one.
 It was Larissa's first time too, she was really nervous but did great! 

Friday, June 24, 2016

Beach Day

We had Charlotte and Eliza as well as Grandma and Grandpa Gray at our house, and we headed off the the beach with some friends!
Brendan and these girls spent most of their time swimming, the current was pretty strong and every little bit they would swim in WAY down shore from where they started and walk back to us.
 As usual Carson spent most of his time digging holes :>)
 We also had fun friends to play with!

Right before we left, these boys were SO sandy! I told Brendan to jump in the water and rinse off while we were packing up. Not long after that we were ready to go, but I didn't see Brendan. His friend Daylen was laying on his towel, and I asked him if knew where Brendan was. He replied (completely nonchalantly) "Oh, he's down there getting pulled out by the lifeguard." WHAT?!?!?!? Of course I started running, and saw Brendan WAY down the beach walking towards us (the lifeguard was nowhere in sight, apparently I missed the whole thing). Instead of just rinsing off he and his buddies decided to take a "quick" swim. The current pulled them down shore, I guess the lifeguard thought he was struggling so he went out there. Brendan SAYS he was ok, and would have been fine if the lifeguard didn't come. All I know is I think I lost a couple years off my life, glad no one drowned.
  All the excitement made for a quiet drive home!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Strawberry Farm and Waterpolo Games

We met up with the McDowells and Thompsons for our annual trip to the strawberry farm.

It really is quite a racket they have going when they charge you $4 a lb to act like farm laborers, but my kids do love it. And the berries are good!

 Afterwards we met Grandma, Grandpa, Charlotte, and Eliza down in San Diego to watch Rich play in the police/fire games. They did well, and he won a silver medal! And a sore shoulder for a week :>)

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

All Star Game

Rich took the boys and Grandpa to the All Star game at Storm stadium. They had a great time stuffing their faces with junk food and watching baseball!

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to Rich, he is SUCH a good dad and the kids and I sure love him!!!
 On Father's Day we went over to Frank and Amy's where we ate lots of yummy food and spent time with our cousins. 
 Grandma and Grandpa Gray have been down visiting for awhile, it's even better to spend Father's Day with him too!

Friday, June 17, 2016

Dance Recital

The girls were really excited for their dance recital! And they looked pretty cute in their little costumes :>)

 Beautiful girls!

 They had so much fun in class with their friends!
 and they looked pretty adorable up there :>)

Mom and Bob were able to come with us as well, Bob was nice enough to buy my boys some cookies at intermission so they didn't totally lose their minds ha ha. Afterwards we got sundaes at McDonalds and it was a nice night!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016


My dad and Lisa invited us to go camping with them in Zion. I have never been before, so we took the kids up there for a quick trip! It is beautiful there. We saw several deer in the campground which the kids thought was quite exciting.
We were also really close to the river, which they couldn't get enough of!
 Monday morning they watched the kids while Rich and I woke up EARLY to go hike Angel's Landing. As we walked to the shuttle there was thunder and lightning, we thought the hike might be over before it started but it cleared up by the time we got to the trailhead so we were good to go! It was a pretty steep hike but also pretty incredible!
The ridge to climb up got a little hairy. At the narrowest spot it is only 28 inches wide, with 1000+ foot drops on either side. The night before it was pretty windy (and it sounds more windy than it really is when you are in a tent!) so I didn't sleep very good, I kept imagining the wind blowing us right off the top of the mountain (and the person the campsite over who was hammering their tent stakes in at 1 in the morning didn't help either lol). Fortunately we made it up in one piece!
the views at the top were pretty amazing.

 the way down went a lot faster! I was glad we went early to beat the crowds, only one person can go at a time on the chains in most places and I imagine it could get pretty backed up.
 When we got back we took the kids on the shuttle around the park and on a couple little hikes. First we went to the Riverwalk hike. It was beautiful!

 We also went back to spend more time in the river. The kids would happily play there for hours!
Although it was a fast trip (less than 48 hours in the park) we had a blast!