Sunday, January 31, 2016

Playing in the Rain

It was coming down pretty good after church, and the kids decided they wanted to go play in it. They are a little crazy!

Eventually they got cold and we did baths and hot cocoa, love these silly kids of mine!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Janine's wedding

She got married! Janine and Nathan were sealed in the Bountiful temple on January 23, 2016. It was quite lovely!
This SoCal girl is not used to the cold, I think it was actually kind of warm according to Utah people but it felt FREEZING to me!!! So fun to see them so happy though.

                                                         Kristi and I were bridesmaids!
I have never been to the Bountiful temple, it was really pretty there! Especially with all the snow in the background. And my kids looked pretty darn cute in their little outfits :>)

 We went to a luncheon afterwards, and then the reception. My kids had a blast, and it was fun to see lots of old friends!
 Brendan caught the garter. My boys seem to be talented at that :>) Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Knighton! 

Friday, January 22, 2016

Utah Trip

We were so excited for Janine's wedding! And an excuse to go visit Utah! We drove up Thursday (will a delicious lunch stop at Cafe Rio, that makes the drive worth it!) and got to Grandma and Grandpa Gray's house that evening. Friday morning we woke up bright and early to go to the Provo City Center temple open house. That was the first temple open house my kids have been to, and it was SO PRETTY!!! Sabrina got plenty of comments in her Thor hat ha ha.

After the temple, everyone went to go see Star Wars and I drove up to see Jessica. It had been several months since they moved up to Utah and I miss her! Stupid cancer :<( I'm glad she has so much family nearby while she goes through all this mess though.
After our visit I met up with Mom, Bob, and Kristi for lunch. Which we finished off with gelato. Yum!!!
After that we went over to Jill's house. So fun to see all those kids, they are growing up so fast! 
Aunt Jill is lots of fun and had snowball fights with the kids outside.

Then we went down the street to a little hill where my kids had a blast tubing with Quinn. 

 Whitney really loved it 
 Until she got really mad about something unimportant and LOST HER MIND
 Friday was really our only full day to play, Saturday we had wedding stuff all day, and then Sunday we drove home. We planned to leave about 4:30 to beat the Vegas traffic, but we woke up at 2:45 and saw the ground covered in snow and figured we better leave then. Neither of us have ever really driven while it was snowing and it was a little scary! It probably wasn't even that much snow but it felt like a blizzard to us. We made it home safe and sound though!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Dog Days

Our dogs are getting old. It's sad to see, but true. Indy is 10 now and Samantha is not far behind. Samantha has a couple fairly large fatty tumors, we have gone back on forth as to whether to remove them (they are benign, don't seem to bother her for the most part, and it's an expensive surgery with a fairly long recovery, I don't even know how she would do with that). They do still enjoy a good walk though! We walked down to the park, and I love to see how much my kids love these dogs. 

Saturday, January 16, 2016


We had planned to go to Knott's the last Tuesday of winter break, BUT a huge storm came through and it poured all day so we canned that plan! I didn't want to pull them out of school since they all missed a couple days due to illness right before Christmas and they would be missing a couple more at the end of the month with Janine's wedding, so we went on a Saturday. There were SO MANY PEOPLE!!! Tuesdays are so much nicer!!! We still had fun though. Finally got Sabrina on a little roller coaster. I think next year the girls will be tall enough to go on most rides, whether she AGREES to it is a whole other story!
 Mom and Bob were able to join us which is always fun
 We enjoyed the new ride!
 Brendan is the only kid tall enough to go on Supreme Scream. It's still my favorite :>)

 And funnel cake is always a hit!
 I swear the kids inhale theirs in like a minute. It's crazy. Then they want ours, no way :>)
 After funnel cake Brendan and I went to wait in line for the Silver Bullet. The guy at the beginning of the line said it would take about an hour. But it took two. Yikes! It's a great ride but last time we went on it 3 times within half an hour! Next year we can hopefully go back to a weekday!

Friday, January 1, 2016

New Years Day

Rich had to work New Years night, but the kids and I had the whole day to play so we went down to San Diego. I found a hike online that looked GORGEOUS, but we got to La Jolla and drove around for 45 minutes with no luck. I even stopped to ask at a hotel and they said it was right down the street but I still couldn't find the trailhead. Boo!!! So we just parked in the parking we could find and went on a hike along some cliffs. It was still pretty, and we had a good time, but on the way back right away I found the place we were looking for. Are you kidding me??? We will have to go again sometime! Maybe when it's not so crowded :>)

 There was a tree carved like an eagle which the kids thought was really cool. 

We ended down by the water, it was a beautiful day but not warm enough to go swimming!!!! For me at least, I'm sure they would have if I let them :>)
 After our hike we went by the San Diego temple so I could take some pictures of Carson for his upcoming baptism. How is this kid going to be 8 already??? He is super excited though. 
 and looking sharp in his new suit :>)

 yeah....just grabbed Brendan's scriptures on our way out and didn't even occur to me that his name was all over them. Oh well!


 love the rest of these kids too!