Saturday, October 31, 2015


Halloween! Always an adventure. We got off easy on the costumes this year. Carson wanted to be Harry Potter (which we had)
 Brendan wanted to wear his ninja costume from last year (which was a little too small but I'm not arguing)
 and I convinced the girls to wear these super cute costumes that my friend handed down to me (they were not interested until I promised red lipstick, then they were super excited!!!)

Seriously, could they be any cuter?
 Carson was mad about something. What? I have no idea.
 Trunk or treat was lots of fun! Rich had to work but Grandma and Bob came with us. 

 Love all their cute little friends! And Brendan was too busy playing with his friends for me to catch them

 On Halloween we went to the McDowells for yummy dinner and then trick or treating. Rich's sergeant let him come in late so he was able to go trick or treating, the older boys went all over and came home with RIDICULOUS amounts of candy. Mom and Dad are enjoying the fruits of their labors :>)

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Getting Ready for Halloween

Making pumpkin cookies is always one of our favorite Halloween traditions. SO YUMMY!!!

 some of them tend to go a bit overboard on the candy :>)

 The kids also carved their pumpkins. The girls wanted princess ones which meant Grandma Gray and I carved them :>)

and of course we had to watch Ghostbusters!!!

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Halloween Parties

The annual Halloween party is always a blast! There were some other things going on the same night so numbers were a little smaller than usual, but we still had a great time. I need to get all the pictures still though! 

I think this may have been one of my favorite costumes I made. Rich was happy too that he didn't have to wear anything crazy :>)
And Kyra's witch party is always so fun! Especially when I get to hold a very tiny and sweet newborn!

Monday, October 12, 2015


We booked our Cancun trip many months ago with some amazing friends of ours, it always seemed so far and distant but before we knew it we were leaving for the airport! That is probably the most excited I have ever been to wake up at 2:30 am! The Hannons, Thompsons, McDowells and us flew out together, and we met up with the Cooks and Nelsons there. Our hotel was beautiful! So much to do there yet I felt we were barely there.
The first night we got settled in, ate dinner, then headed down to the beach. It was totally dark (so dark my camera wouldn't even function), yet I could see my feet several feet under water. So weird! And awesome! Our first full day we went to Playa Del Carmen for some souvenir shopping, then hung out at the beach and ended up playing water polo. I don't think I have played since 1999, and it was pretty hilarious. Good thing the pool wasn't very deep lol. We had dinner at a seafood restaurant, we weren't very hungry because we were eating crepes and tacos ALL DAY LONG but we still managed to put an impressive amount of food down!
Friday we went to Xplor. It was a pretty cool place. And the taxi bus that took us there had a video of an 80s relief concert which was super entertaining :>) We went zip lining, swam in underground rivers, and rode in amphibious vehicles (which Rich and I completely stalled in the water. I had my doubts if we would make it out but somehow we did!)
Saturday we planned to hang out at the resort, but the Apple guy talked us into a snorkel tour. It really was pretty neat. Our group was just us, and they kept us pretty separate from other people so it felt very private. We started off in an underground cenote, then we went to a cenote whose roof had caved in, then finally a lagoon. It was SO PRETTY!!!
Sunday we went to see the ancient ruins at Chicen Itza. It was a LONG day!!! The bus picked us up at 7:20 and promptly broke down, they transferred us to another bus but I think that screwed up our schedule because we didn't get to the ruins til almost noon. The guide talked a lot on the bus, and I'm sure it was very interesting but he had the most soothing voice and honestly every time he started talking I passed out. Every. Time.  And it was HOT!!! They were pretty incredible though. 
 Afterwards we went to this sinkhole that was one of the prettiest places I have ever been. It was 90-something steps down, and they said the water was 50 meters deep. Yikes! We got to swim and cliff jump a little. 
 Then we had a long drive back and got to the hotel at 7:45, we quickly showered and changed to make our reservation at the teppanyaki place. SO YUMMY!!! Seriously, we ate so much. Every 1-2 hours we just ate some more. And the pina coladas ALL DAY LONG. That's the nice thing about all-inclusive is there is food for you EVERYWHERE!!! Here's a few more favorite pictures:
THIS WATER!!! So gorgeous.
 Wish we had more time for kayaking, it was so pretty out there.
 We did play several games of beach volleyball. I really am not very good but we had fun! Except when the sun went down and the mosquitoes ate us alive. So many stinking mosquitoes in Cancun!!!
 I love these girls so much!!!

 So nice to get away with this guy for 6 days. That is the longest trip we have taken since before kids, I thought it would feel like forever but it when by super fast. So grateful for my in-laws who watched the kids so we could go, it was an amazing trip!!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Jensen-Alvarado Ranch

I was able to go with Carson on his field trip to the Jensen-Alvarado ranch. I have never heard of this place before, but apparently it is the oldest standing original house in Riverside County. Pretty cool to check out, it's not every day you see a house with no bathrooms or plumbing!
 They had the kids washing clothes...

 making ice cream....
 churning butter (which we put on top of the homemade tortillas we made, holy moly those were good!!!)
 The kids got to see adobe, and were a little grossed out to find out one of the components is manure!

 Love this boy of mine!!! It was a hard day to go because we are leaving for Cancun in the morning and I have SO MUCH stuff to do but I wouldn't have missed it!

Monday, October 5, 2015

Sleeping Sweetly

No matter how crazy my kids make me, all I have to do is look at them while they are sleeping and I feel so much love!!! And it kills me that my boys still sleep with their stuffed animals.
 Brendan got "Baby Lion" for his fourth birthday and sleeps with him every night.
 The girls don't need animals because they have each other :>) Sometimes I wonder why we bother with 2 beds in there!