Friday, May 29, 2015

Pinewood Derby

Brendan has been looking forward to the Pinewood Derby for awhile! He and Rich worked really hard on the car, and watched all kinds of YouTube videos trying to make it perfect. The track at our building is not great, so they rented a fancy looking one. The fancy looking one didn't work very well though, the kept eliminating lanes that weren't performing well and eventually they were down to racing one car at a time and having someone manually time it (not sure how accurate it was???). The boys didn't seem to mind though, and when the competition was over they all raced their cars unofficially and had a blast. 

 He won the award for "Best Paint Job"

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Preschool Graduation

Well we are DONE with preschool. Forever. I was sitting at the preschool graduation watching all my friends chase around their babies, but I wasn't. MY babies were up in front, and it's a little weird to be moving on to the next phase of life. It did make me a little sad (but not sad enough to have another baby lol). These 5 little girls are such good friends, love to watch them play together!
 they sang cute little songs (except for Brody, who was having a sad morning and didn't want to come up)

 We love Miss Janitsy! Sabrina was so sad as we were leaving that she would NEVER see Miss Janitsy again, I explained that was not the case and her mood improved substantially :>)
 After the ceremony at the park we had a potluck at the pool, it was a great day. These little ladies are looking forward to starting at the "big kid school" in the fall!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Talent Show

We got the notice about the school talent show a few weeks ago, both boys said they would audition a piano piece and immediately started working. We got to the auditions, they used a tiny keyboard and poor Carson just froze up because it looked so different from what he was used to and he didn't know where to put his hands, the big crocodile tears came out and it was heartbreaking :<( Brendan rocked his audition though! We were excited to go see him play, Rich went to the morning show and Grandma Powell and I went to the afternoon one (I had clothes laid out for him but he and Rich changed the plan, not sure what exactly he is wearing???). He played "Hoe Down" and did great. He was nervous and got hung up in a couple spots and rushed some others, but overall for his first time performing in front of others I thought he did really well. SO proud of this kid!!!

Monday, May 25, 2015


We have been talking about going for a hike with Tommy and Krista for awhile, on Memorial Day we finally got around to it! They do a lot more hiking than we do and suggested the Ernie Maxwell trail in Idyllwild (5 miles). I was a little nervous (the last hike we did was only 3 miles and the kids were pretty beat by the end), but they did surprisingly well. I think having other kids around definitely helped!

 This little lady was my little buddy the whole time, I think she held my hand for 5 of the 5 1/2 miles :>) She had a couple instances where she fell and cried a lot, and when we were close to the halfway point she started crying that she "didn't want to go hiking today" (when in reality it was all she talked about for the previous couple of days). Once we hit the halfway point though she snapped out of it and did great the rest of the way!
It was a beautiful trail with beautiful weather and fun cousins, couldn't have asked for a better morning! Grateful for Memorial Day and all the people who gave their life for our country!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Purple belts and Weekend with Family

My boys tested for their purple belt, they have been working really hard and they did so good! One more belt rank and they will be in the advanced class :>)
 They have a great group of instructors!
 Ater the sparring portion Carson came over and handed me his tooth. It had been pretty loose and I guess it just got knocked out :>)
 Grandma Powell was able to come, and Kristi made it at the end as well!
 after the test we went back to Mom's house and had dinner. Kristi stayed at our house that night, and the next evening we went to In'n'Out and then the sprint car races. 
 the boys were super excited!

 Sabrina did NOT like the noise (even with ear plugs), and happily sat under this blanket. For hours.
It's always fun to spend time with the family!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Community Fair

Last year the community fair snuck up on me and we totally missed it, this year I made sure to keep a look out for the date! I love that the community offers something like this where so much stuff is FREE for the kids, they always have a good time (even though Carson was being a total booger for the last part!). We started off by riding the train.
 My kids get excited to see the GREEN trash trucks (they are a different color at our new house, they have informed me on many occasions that they miss the green trucks!)
 They got to see the fire trucks, police cars, ambulance, and helicopter (this bird flew up soon after we took this picture, it was kind of cool to watch it take off!)
 They loved the pony rides

 abnd the face painter is always a favorite!
 my boys waited in a LONG line to climb the rock wall and loved it.
 we rounded out the afternoon with hot dogs and watermelon, despite a less-than-perfect attitude from my second kid it was a fun time :>)

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Reading for Rewards

The boys got their free Storm tickets from the reading program at school. They went to In'n'Out before the game, and while they were there Rich saw a guy who looked familiar but he couldn't place him.
 When they got to the game they saw him again, Rich realized it was Trevor Hoffman (a name that I didn't recognize but apparently he was a pretty awesome pitcher who will soon be in the Hall of Fame). He bought a ball and asked him to sign it, Rich said he was really nice! The game was last night and by this morning Rich already ordered this picture in an 8X10 size for the boys' room ha ha.
 of course my boys can't go to a baseball game without ice cream :>)
 Love these boys of mine!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day

Motherhood is HARD. And WONDERFUL. And FRUSTRATING. And the BEST thing I have ever done!!! So grateful for these little people who call me Mom. Mother's Day was really nice. I slept in til 8:30 while Rich was up with the kids (amazing how late that feels now, perspective has shifted!!!), ate a lovely poppyseed muffin (my request, I love those things!), and enjoyed having Rich home for most of the morning. After church we relaxed and ate delicious chicken salad sandwiches (thank you Costco for feeding us that day, I swear we go to that store entirely too often!!!). The night before we went to Mom and Bob's house to celebrate with them, we got to meet the new babies in the family which was fun. Thank you Mom for being wonderful!!! And I am excited to make smoothies with my new ninja blender!!!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Father-Sons and Girls' Night!

The boys always look forward to the Father-Sons camp out every year! This year was no exception. Our bishop went up a day earlier with his boys, and posted pictures of snow on the ground and the campsite. That combined with a good amount of rain Friday (seriously, this has been one of the driest winters on record and it waits til the middle of May to rain lol) scared off a bunch of people, and only 4 families went. It was COLD, but the boys still had a lot of fun! And a little chill in the air can never stop them from eating ice cream :>)

 Love that I have such an amazing husband who loves to go camping with his little guys, warms my heart!!! While they were gone, the twins and I had some girl time. We did pedicures last year while they were camping, and EVERY TIME we pass a nail salon they beg me to go in. I told them they had to wait until the boys went camping again, it might become a tradition I think! My friend Lani told me about this place that has a couple of kid sized chairs. CUTEST.THING.EVER. The girls were in absolute heaven!

 Such a fun thing to do with my little ladies! We met a few friends there, and afterwards went to dinner at a delicious Mexican place that I had never been to before. Win!