Thursday, April 30, 2015

My Little Bear

At pack meeting Brendan got his Wolf badge, he worked hard for it and now he is a Bear!

he also grew a cabbage for a school project, I think we were a couple days late picking it but he was still pretty proud of it!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Piano book #3

Brendan said that when he finished the third piano book he should earn dinner AND ice cream, I happily agreed! We are not super regular about having lessons and practice, so I feel like we are moving at a turtle's pace, but we are slowly making our way through :>) He finished the third books a couple weeks ago and we finally found time for a Mommy-Brendan dinner date at Farrell's! Of course he was most excited about the brownie sundae, that thing is a beast and once again we could not finish the whole thing. We gave it a good effort though :>) Love this kid, he is sounding really good!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Clean Extreme

Every year it seems like we don't get to do much with the Mormon Helping Hands event due to baseball and conflicting schedules, but this year we were wide open! We got assigned to help paint a mural inside an empty pool. They had stenciled fish in already and they wanted the kids to fill them in with color, and then at the end an artist was going to go through and finish all the details.  My kids were pretty excited...

 but then somewhere along the way Whitney started to lose her mind. Don't know what set her off but there was no coming back from this tantrum.

 Rich was beat because he just got off a 12 hour shift so he took her home to calm down :>) The rest of the kids and I stayed for awhile longer.
 it was looking pretty good when all was said and done, can't wait to see how the finished product turns out!
When the painting was done we picked up trash for awhile, my children did not find this nearly as exciting but it was good for them :>) Afterwards we went out to dinner with some family for my uncle Steve's 60th birthday. Always good to see everyone!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Star Wars and the Angels game

Rich got tickets to see the Star Wars Angle's game with the boys and some of his co-workers. Star Wars and baseball in one night, it was quite an exciting evening for these kids :>)

So grateful for Rich being such a good dad!!!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Brendan's birthday

Brendan is 9!!! He is growing so fast. He is super tall, it won't be many years until he passes me up. He is smart, funny, and kind, He has plenty of times when he gets whiny and distracted, but overall he is a GREAT kid!!! He loves tae kwon do, scouts, video games, super heroes, legos, and of course tv. He is very helpful, and is starting to learn to cook. He is really coming along with his piano. He still likes to snuggle with me on the couch, and WE LOVE HIM!!!!

 For his birthday he requested an Avengers cake. It took a lot longer than I thought but he loved it!

It's our non-party year, so he picked Luke and Hunter to go see Marvel Universe Live. Rich took them to In'n'Out first...
 then they went to the show! I don't think Rich was very impressed but the kids thought it was awesome :>)

 While the boys were gone the girls and I headed down to the beach for a bonfire and smores with friends. We started at Cafe Rio for dinner which was delicious. The night went downhill from there. We drove down to Balboa, and it was PACKED. Not sure what was going on that night, but there was no parking to be found. Anywhere. We drove around for 50 minutes, at one point we were waiting with our blinker on for a car to leave but then the car in front of us revved it in reverse and cut us off, the rest of the night the girls kept saying, "that red car is so RUDE!." Yes they were :>) At another point we were stopped in the parking lot and a car reversed towards me, I kept thinking she would stop but she didn't. I managed to move out of the way a bit to avoid being hit and she just kept on going without even acknowledging me. For the last 30 minutes of this Sabrina was crying that she had to go to the bathroom. I was so frustrated, finally we just gave up and left. I took her to pee in an alley while people stared at us, I guess that is better than her peeing in my car! We got slushies which made everyone feel a little better :>) What a night!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

SoCal Ragnar

Ragnar last year was SO FUN, and I was on a huge high from it for a long time afterwards. This year we registered back in October, and we were all super excited. I started training earlier, and my times were dropping quite a bit. AWESOME!!! But then things started to fall apart. About 5-6 weeks ahead of time we found out that one of our runners Jessica had a brain tumor. Last year she had melanoma, and went through surgery and a horrible treatment called bio-chemo. She was super excited to start running and do this race and feel healthy again, but obviously this was a big roadblock. She had to have brain surgery and was out of the race. Another girl on our team realized that she had the dates mixed up and had a family cruise planned the same weekend so she had to drop out as well. We scrambled and finally found 2 subs, and thought we were good to go. A few days later (4 weeks before the race), I went out for a training run. As soon as I started I could feel something was off, I could feel some kind of muscle in my groin. It didn't really hurt, the thought crossed my mind that maybe I should turn around and stop but I hadn't had a chance to run in a few days and I kept going for 6.5 miles. When I got home it was kind of sore, I stretched it out really good and all of a sudden it was REALLY painful. As in I could barely walk.  To put on my pants I had to sit on the floor and lift up my left leg with my arms because I couldn't move it on its own. I did some online research and saw that most groin pulls take 6-12 weeks to get better. I did NOT have time for that! I started going to a chiropractor to speed up the healing process (diagnosed me with a pulled psoas muscle), it was SLOW going. Another girl on our team told me about a sports chiropractor she had been to who was really good so I decided to give it a try. I went a week before Ragnar, he does a bunch of deep tissue massage which HURT like nobody's business but really seemed to help. All of a sudden I could put my pants on again! The whole inside of my leg was black and blue but I felt like there was an improvement. I went to see him again 3 days before the race, and that might have been a mistake. He really worked me over, I think at that point he completely fixed my psoas pull but now I was having some pain where my gracillus muscle attaches. It wasn't horrible, but I was concerned how I would be after running. That same day we found out that Krista (one of our subs) had broken her toe and was out of the race. WHAT?!?!? How on earth were we going to find a sub with less than 72 hours notice. If I was healthy I would say we could do it on our own but I knew that people were probably already going to have to pick up my slack, it's a lot to ask to throw an additional 3 legs on our van. We made a lot of frantic phone calls and fortunately Emily was able to fill in. We had asked her before and she didn't think it would work, but the timing actually ended up working out well. She is training for her second half ironman so we knew she could handle it :>) Then the night before Ragnar Jessica wasn't feeling good and had to drop out as one of our volunteers. It was too late to pay for one, and the rules clearly state that if your volunteer is a no show you can be disqualified.  More stress!!! Finally we found someone to fill in, but holy moly I think I got some gray hairs over all of this. 
The day before we all met up to decorate our vans. We changed our team name from Ragnerds to #RunforJess in honor of Jessica.

Some of us stopped by her house afterwards to bring her a shirt and show off the vans. I think we all cried a little!
Friday morning van 1 met at my house at 4 (ouch) to go to the starting line!
It may have been early but we were pretty wired :>)
I was runner 1, I was nervous how it would go since I hadn't been able to run in a month and I still couldn't walk normally, but there was no turning back now :>) My first leg was really short (only 2.4 miles) and I was slow (around a 9:10 pace), it hurt but was bearable. I stretched really good afterwards and figured I would be good for at least one more leg. 
It's always fun to see the other vans, I had been talking with my cousins about doing a family Ragnar and when I saw this van it made me think of them :>)
We met up with van 2 at the first major exchange, we saw the "Hey girl" team who had pictures of Ryan Gosling all over their van and walked around with the life size cutout, they were awesome. 
Ryan stayed safe with his safety gear during the night time hours :>)
My second leg was listed at 4.2 miles (although I think it was a little short), my leg hurt a lot more this time and I was really slow (around a 10 minute pace) but I did it. Afterwards I wasn't walking too good, I was really bummed but knew I had to call it at that time. So sad :<( When our van was done we slept for a couple hours on a golf course (which was super noisy right by a major exchange), even rolling over in my sleeping bag was really painful. I HATE INJURIES!!! My third leg was my long one (7.8 miles), Melissa ran that for me and then Emily ran Melissa's shorter leg right after her third leg (total of 10+ miles with a ton of hills), they did amazing. A couple of the girls in our van were brand new runners and everyone did amazing. I felt really bad to be the dead weight on our team, but they picked up my slack with no problems and rocked it!Here we are at the finish line with our medals. 

Jessica was able to come meet us at the finish line with Tara, it was so good to see them!

Vanessa was our team captain, grateful for all the hard work she put in to make this a reality. 2 weeks later I still can't run, but hoping to be back at it soon so I can start training for next year (because I need some redemption!). We actually did pretty well overall, we finished 27th out of 55 teams in our division (about a 10:45 pace overall). A big improvement over last year when we were 49th out of 52 :>) Yay Ragnar!!! 

Sunday, April 5, 2015


Easter was a super relaxing day!The kids got all hyped up on Easter candy and the monkey bread which I made for breakfast (LOVE THAT STUFF!!!).
 Everyone got a new shirt, although the girls' are size 5 and I need to get different ones because they are pretty snug and I haven't even washed them yet. Kind of sad because they are very cute!
 They got settled into their "conference tent" that they insist on making every time. They usually fight about who sits where and don't last in there for very long but we still have to make it. EVERY. TIME.
We then had a yummy dinner and watched some Easter movies and spent time with our family! And I did not get out of my pjs the entire day. That's a good day in my book :>)

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Spring Break

Spring break was busy, but lots of fun! On Tuesday we took the kids to see Paddington, I thought it would be kind of lame but it was actually pretty cute. Then we went to Sonic for happy hour. Yum!!!
Wednesday night we went to the park to play night games with our friends. Kick the Can, Ghosts in the Graveyard, etc made for a fun night!

 Thursday we went to the trampoline park with friends  

 and afterwards we hit up Sonic happy hour AGAIN. Because it is hard to resist :>)
 Later that night we had a flashlight egg hunt. Always a hit with the kids!

 Friday we went to the beach. Even though they closed the Dairy Queen there (BOO!!!) it is still a happy place

Should of got a picture before everyone left but here are the last of us to leave. It was a good turnout!
Saturday was a good decompression day, we decorated Easter eggs and relaxed! 

So nice to have a week of no schedules and play, only 2 more months til summer!