Tuesday, March 31, 2015

My Little Enterpreneur

I noticed Carson was making a TON of paper airplanes. He was also crumpling up balls of paper and covering them with scotch tape. I asked what he was planning to do with them, and he answered that he was going to sell them. He then went out to the front porch and sat there for 30 minutes with his little "open" sign. I tried to explain to him that we live on a quiet street and we probably wouldn't have anyone drive by, I also explained that most people would probably not want to buy paper airplanes and balls of paper, but he still gave it a good effort.  After he was done he told me that next time we move he wants to live on a busy street so more people will buy his stuff :>)

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Arizona Trip

Rich has been talking about going to baseball spring training FOREVER, but the last few years he has been coaching baseball and it hasn't worked out. This year we took a baseball break, and since we have so many friends that have moved to AZ we decided to take a trip! We left Thursday after school, and were almost to Blythe when we realized the Aragons were within a couple miles of us. We then stopped to have dinner in Blythe with our friends who live a mile away from us :>) The kids are always glad to go to McDonald's!
Rich took the boys to 2 games while we were there. Friday they went to see the Angels vs. the Diamondbacks. They got there WAY early to get some autographs, and the boys got 5. They were super excited!

 While the boys were at the game Stacey and I took the girls to the Butterfly Wonderland. It was a pretty cool place! First we watched a 3D movie. That was my girls' first experience with that, and it cracked me up watching them try to grab the butterflies in front of them :>) 
 Then we got to go into the giant conservatory that has almost 3,000 butterflies in it.  They were EVERYWHERE, all different sizes and colors. My girls thought it was amazing. For awhile at least, then they started to get a little freaked out :>)

 Friday night we drove out to Gilbert, we stopped by the Cook's house for a bit to visit. So good to see Shelley and the family!
 Afterwards we went to dinner with Scott and Tracy to Joe's Real BBQ. That place is yummy! We went back to their place for awhile to hang out. Love this family!

 Saturday the boys went with Mike and Cooper to see the Cubs game. 
 Holy moly it was hot, they cooled off with lots of ice cream and slurpees!
Stacey and I went to this AMAZING park right by their house. The girls had fun feeding the ducks...
 and played on the hugest playground I have ever seen!
 After the game we went to Mike's parents' house to swim and eat. The kids had a blast! We put them to work and they spent a large amount of time picking grapefruits out of a tree. I think that was Carson's favorite part of the day :>)
So fun to hang out with this amazing friend of mine!!!
 Sunday morning was nice and relaxing, we do miss these cute kiddos!

 On the way home we stopped by the Phoenix temple. It was a great weekend with our family!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Project Spring Clean

My friend Melissa planned a Project Spring Clean on facebook, this was great for me because every day there was a different assignment and it gave me some much needed motivation to deep clean my house and sort out a bunch of junk! I really wish I could do this myself on a regular basis but somehow the will to do so escapes me :>) I didn't get to EVERY assignment, and didn't take pictures of everything either, but by the time we were done I felt like my house was in a much better state. 
By the time we were done I had this giant pile of stuff to donate, and I threw away at least this much stuff as well. It still seems like a mess around here, but at least it is a cleaner mess :>)

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Carson's Evil Side

Once a week Carson is supposed to bring home his daily journal from school home so that we can edit it with him. Usually his entries are very fun and cute, but yesterday I came across this one and was a little concerned. As in I was wondering if I needed to take him to a therapist. Then he read it to Brendan however and they were both laughing hysterically like it was the funniest thing in the world. I do not pretend to understand boys!!! Not sure what Brendan did to him that day but he better watch his back!!!

Saturday, March 14, 2015


My girls have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the new Cinderella movie, so I took them out to see it. They wore their princess dresses and we did fancy hair and they were quite excited. We all loved it!!! So fun to spend time with just these little ladies.

Made a little less fun by the fact that I somehow pulled a muscle while running that morning and could barely walk. I was hobbling around like an old lady, online research said it could take 4-12 weeks to heal and that makes me super nervous because Ragnar is in 4 weeks. Ain't nobody got time for that, hoping this heals fast!!!

Friday, March 13, 2015

Awards Ceremony

I got a note Brendan was getting an award at the trimester awards assembly, they don't generally tell you what they are getting but I was in his class the day before and his teacher said he was going to be "the man of the hour." And he cleaned up! He got the Student of the trimester, Academic Scholar award, and a medal for reaching 100 AR points (have to brag on my kid a bit, he actually has almost 140 points which is more than any 3rd grader at his school. He's been reading the Harry Potter books which are at a 6-7th grade reading level, and they take a long time for him to read but he really seems to be enjoying them. OCCASIONALLY I will find him reading at times when he doesn't have to, it's a small step but I will take it!). AND he got perfect attendance :>)

 Grandma Powell was able to come too!
 Love this smarty-pants of mine!!!
 And love his teacher as well!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Brendan's Spot

Pretty much any time Brendan has free time you can find him here, half under his bed and playing with legos. Once a week we make him pick them all up to vacuum, and then as soon as we are done he immediately dumps the box right back where he left it and continues on. Silly boy!

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Happy Birthday Rich!

Poor Rich had to work on his birthday this year, so we celebrated a few days later with his requested trifle. Love this man of mine, he is a wonderful husband and father and we are so lucky to have him!!!

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Glasses AGAIN

I took the girls to their pediatrician for their TK physicals, and neither did super hot on the vision test (Sabrina definitely worse). I took them to the optometrist, and sure enough Sabrina needs glasses (for school and reading only at this point). Whitney has a bit of astigmatism, but no need for a prescription. YET :<( We went to look at frames and Sabrina immediately zoomed in on this pair of Hello Kitty ones. Whitney was NOT happy about not getting glasses and could be found lying flat on the ground crying on the other side of the counter :>)
 Sabrina was super excited when we picked them up and found out the glasses came with this cool case!!!
 She does look super cute in them, I feel so sad though. My vision sucks but Rich has always been 20/20, since both our boys are in glasses I figured that statistically speaking our girls should be fine. No such luck I guess!
 Whitney likes to pretend the case belongs to her too. Don't be too sad kid, just count your blessings!

Green Belts

This was our first time having belt testing with the more advanced kids, and whoa what a difference!!! It was pretty incredible to watch the higher ranks test, and the two boys testing for black belt went through some hard core stuff (including the "black belt wall" where all the black belts there basically kicked their butts. Of course afterwards Carson said it looked "easy," we will see how he handles that if we ever make it to that point!!!)
 When we moved to the intermediate class, the boys needed to have sparring gear and at that point I freaked out a bit. I started them in tae kwon do with a groupon as something fun to do over the summer, initially I had no plans to keep them in it long term but the boys LOVE it and we really like the instructors so we just kept going. But spending ALL that money on sparring gear was a big decision (because let's face it it's not cheap!), and would mean (in my mind at least) that we needed to commit to it for awhile. This particular studio is a bit of a drive, and I knew that different brands of tae kwon do have different sparring gear so I wanted to make sure we were in this for the long haul. I have a friend whose son goes to a tae kwon do place within 5 minutes of our house and LOVES it there. I thought if we switched it would be easier and save me a lot of time/gas. We checked out a class, the instructor seemed very nice but he was NOT Mr. Gio and my boys weren't having it. They were also chomping at the bit to get sparring gear. Fortunately they both had birthdays coming up so we decided to stay put and get them some early birthday presents!

 They love it. And sometimes they get to spar each other with full permission to beat on their brother :>)
 They did great on their testing and moved up to green belts.
 we really love their instructors, they are wonderful with the kids and we keep making the drive because of them!

afterwards we celebrated with hot dogs at Costco, it was a good day :>)