Friday, February 27, 2015

Fire Station Fieldtrip

The girls went on a preschool field trip to the fire station, the guys working there were all working overtime from other stations and I don't think they got the memo that we were coming. They had just got in from a call, but were super nice about showing us around! The kids actually paid attention fairly well.
 they loved when they got to climb in the firetruck!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Blue and Gold dinner

Brendan was SUPER EXCITED to make his cake for the Blue and Gold scout dinner. I did some, but he actually did quite a bit of the work.
 He was quite proud of the finished product!
 He won the award for "most on topic." Aside from the cakes it was a nice night. Trevor got his Arrow of Light, and Brendan is super close to earning his wolf badge. Brendan at RIDICULOUS amounts of hot dogs, he said it was because he friends pressured him into eating more but let's be real, that kid just likes to eat! When we got home his stomach hurt, maybe one day he will learn??? Love him though!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

My birthday

My birthday was on a Sunday this year, I wasn't expecting much fuss because normally Sundays Rich is gone all day and it's just me wrestling 4 rowdy kids. They were actually SUPER sweet though. They all made me cards, and I loved them so much. Brendan's had a poem which said, "Roses are red, flowers are pink, tulips are purple, I love my mom who lets me eat." I might have teared up a little on that one :>)I had donuts for breakfast and pie for lunch, it was a good start to the day! My friend Linda brought over some GORGEOUS flowers the day before, and they made me happy every time I looked at them.  After church we went to my mom and Bob's house for dinner, she made tri tip and cheese potatoes and it was delicious! Rich got me a new sewing machine because my old one has been broken for about a year, I finally took it in to get serviced and they told me it would be TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS just to look at it. No thanks! I'm not much of a seamstress but I need it here and there for little things and that was too rich for my blood!
 A couple days later I went out to IHOP with some girlfriends for brunch, usually it seems when we do that we are way outnumbered by kids but slowly we are starting to get to the point where most of our kids are in school. It's a little strange, and a whole lot quieter! Love these ladies!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day

So Valentine's Day is more fun with little girls. They get excited to wear heart clothes, and have heart hair, and eat heart food, it is just a giant love fest with these two. 
their hair was super fun!
 Sabrina even got heart hair 2 days in a row because she wanted Whitney's kind too :>)
 For dinner we had a delicious dinner of heart hamburgers and heart potatoes.
 it's always better by candlelight :>)
Rich and I went to Lucille's earlier in the week to beat the crowds, and just had a nice evening with the kids. Love my family!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Happy Birthday Carson!

Carson is 7! That sounds way too old to me. Carson is a funny kid. He is VERY smart. His reading level is a 3.5 (meaning mid-third grade level), and I don't even know how this is possible because it is like pulling teeth to get him to read a book. He loves to come hug me and say, "I love you most Mom!" (sometimes at least, the rest of the time he loudly proclaims that I am MEAN!). He makes friends easily, likes to snuggle with me and Rich on the couch, gets super upset about very insignificant things, fights very frequently with his brother, and has a smile that can light up a room. His eye still crosses immediately when he takes his glasses off. He refuses to wear pants or long sleeves to school even when it is raining and cold outside. He takes his tae kwon do very seriously, and I love to watch the look of concentration on his face when he is in class. Basically, he is a GREAT kid and we are lucky to have him in our family!

 His birthday was on Friday the 13th, there was no school for President's weekend and gorgeous weather so we went off to the beach! Carson LOVES to dig with this shovel, every time we go to the beach he spends the majority of time digging holes. Too bad he left it there this trip, since it was his birthday I didn't get to mad at him lol.

It was a beautiful day, I was VERY BUMMED out however to learn that the Dairy Queen shut down. BOO!!!!! We drove home, then had Mom and Bob over for pizza and cake. The Ninja Turtle cake had a small run in with the cake cover (thanks Brendan) but was still in ok shape. Carson said it was "EPIC!" so I guess he approved!

happy birthday buddy, WE LOVE YOU!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Pirate Dinner

It is our off year for birthday parties this year, and Carson decided he wanted to go to the Pirate Dinner. He picked Reed and Brennen to come, and off we went!
 When we went a couple years ago we sat in the blue section, and my boys were mighty disappointed when they found out we were orange this time. That is, until they met Andre the orange pirate (who looked an awful lot like Jack Black to me). He had a fancy French accent and beat up on all the other pirates and the boys all thought he was awesome! 
 Carson got called up for the official pirate swearing in ceremony
 We did find the blue pirate afterwards!

It was late for a school night (by the time we took everyone home it was 10), but Carson got some new Pokemon cards from his friend that he really wanted to open and I told him he had to wait until morning. That was good motivation, because when I went to wake them up in the morning he shot out of bed to get ready so he could open his cards. Nothing like a little motivation :>) It was a fun night!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

First Half Marathon!

Awhile back my friend Kayla was talking about signing up for a half marathon, I have been thinking about it for awhile so I said I would do it with her. She ended up not being able to sign up, and after MUCH deliberation (it was the same day as Sarah's wedding, but the race was in San Diego at 7 and the wedding was in San Diego at 11:30 so I thought I could make it work) I went ahead and signed up anyways :>) I had run up to 9 miles previously, but it had been quite awhile so I started building up my mileage gradually. I got up to 12 miles about 2 weeks before and felt pretty good. I figured I would finish around 2:02-2:03 (9:15-9:20 pace).  I really wanted to break 2 hours but did not think it was physically possible. The week before I convinced Kristi to sign up for the 10K so I would have some company! We stayed in a cheap hotel the night before (that had a very entertaining outlet that would spit my cord out every time I tried to plug it in and a bathroom door that you really had to throw your weight in to close). We woke up bright and early, and as we were walking down the stairs ran into a couple girls who had flown in from Utah late the night before and were on their way to the race as well. They were going to call a cab then kind of invited themselves to ride with us, they were nice though! One had lived in San Diego previously, it was super foggy and overcast and she said it probably wouldn't burn off until about 11. With that advice I left my sunglasses in the car, but by the time we walked the 1/2 mile to the start the sun was starting to break through and it was super bright by the time it started. Boo :<( What can you do though?  The race started, and I felt really good. 
 I kept waiting for my pace to die off, but every mile seemed to be fasted than I expected. Good old adrenaline :>) I finished in 1:58:41 which exceeded all my expectations! That was a 9:03 pace, I finished 135th out of 714 women and 22nd in my age group. Not bad for my first time out the gates. I have always wondered how accurate my Map My Run app is on my phone, the first 9 miles it would tell me I hit the mile mark within a couple hundred feet of the mile markers on the course. At mile 10, I didn't see a marker on the course. After awhile I started to think I had missed it, then about 3-4 minutes in I saw it. What the heck???? The same thing happened at mile 11. At this point I was thinking my app was completely off base and my pace had slowed WAY down, but by mile 12 the app and mile markers were close again. At the end my app said I ran 13.25 miles, so not TOO far off!
At the end I was super tired, and my left hip and both achilles were hurting quite a bit. I hobbled off that course like an old lady who lost her walker, but we made it back to the hotel to shower and get ready for the wedding. What a feeling of accomplishment!!!
It was fun having Kristi stay with us for a bit too, everyone loves Thor :>)

Sarah's Wedding

Hard to believe my baby cousin got married! I think I was 16 when Sarah was born, I feel super old to see her get hitched. Kameron seems like a great guy though, and they are super cute together. It was a fun filled time leading up to the wedding! I went to the San Diego temple with my mom the week before to be there with her when she took out her endowment. No pictures but it was a great night! Then the Saturday before we drove up to Valencia for her bridal shower. I know there are more pictures floating around somewhere but I don't have them, it was a fun afternoon though!
Then on Saturday we got to see them tie the knot! The sealing was beautiful, and they look so happy!
At the reception my girs could not get enough of her and Kameron. They followed them EVERYWHERE. 

 these boys always have a good time together! Glad this picture was at the beginning of the night, at the end my boys were covered in bolognese sauce, strawberries and chocolate!
 she was such a beautiful bride. 
 Here is the FIRST picture I have with her, times have changed a bit (and about this photo, I have no words...)
we got to hang out with baby Samantha, the girls are into selfies :>)

I forgot my good camera so had to settle with my camera or I would have got some better shots. Dad and Lisa stayed with us so we were able to spend some time with them afterwards and Sunday morning. It was a good day!