Wednesday, April 30, 2014

He FINALLY did it!!!

We have tried to get Carson to ride his bike without training wheels multiple times, and he wanted NOTHING to do with it. Until he took Brendan to the bike derby for cub scouts and saw all the boys riding their bikes. At that time he came home and asked Rich to take them off. Next thing we knew he was whizzing around the back yard like a pro. Guess he just needed some motivation :>)

And here is Sabrina when all this was happening. Her hair is SO straight and fine. Every morning I fix it and it looks cute for a short time and then it all falls out and she looks homeless by afternoon. Oh well I try :>)

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Helping Hands

Every year it always seems like baseball is the same time as the Mormon Helping Hands event, but this year they were cleaning up downtown which just happens to be down the street from where our game was! The kids and I stopped by for a bit to help. We pulled weeds for awhile, and I don't know how much we actually accomplished, but we tried :>)
 Our friends the McDowells were in our group as well which was fun! And yes Brendan is wearing my jacket....I told them before we left that it was cold and they should get a sweatshirt but he didn't listen and then asked for mine. I am a pushover :>)

Sunday, April 20, 2014


Easter seemed like it snuck up on us quickly this year! We did a flashlight egg hunt one night (thanks Kyra for organizing!) which was lots of fun. 

 We dyed eggs (one year I will let all my kids wear shirts while doing this?). Unfortunately I cooked the eggs for a minute or 2 short and they were :<(
 Easter morning the kids were excited for candy and Frozen! The girls ate their ENTIRE basket's worth of candy before breakfast.
 then we got ready for church!

 these kids love to be silly :>)

Mom and Bob came over for dinner, and afterwards we watched (what else) Frozen. It was a good day :>)

Friday, April 18, 2014

Brendan is Eight!!!

I can't believe Brendan turned 8. That sounds so old to me! He has been super excited for this birthday for a long time. I found a deal awhile back for the video game truck, and it was the EASIEST.PARTY.EVER. It could hold up to 16 kids, and inside they had 5 big flat screens and 80-something games they could play. They all went in the truck, I asked the guy what he needed me to do and he said they had it and closed the door. I peeked my head in periodically, but basically I spent the next 90 minutes in the house while they had an absolute blast. 
This was 8 year old boy heaven!!!

 Brendan has been saying for MONTHS that he wanted a lego cake (along with half the boys in America I'm sure since the Lego Movie came out!).  I found these lego molds online, this cake was way easier in my head than it was in reality but I was happy with how it turned out! Brendan kept asking to eat "the mold" ha ha.

 The next day was his actual birthday, and he was excited to open his gifts.

 The Dad made some yummy breakfast burritos!
 He also got to go to his first day of Cub Scouts where he made a little parachute thing. He was really excited (no he didn't use the knife, but he wanted to hold it for the picture anyways!)
Happy birthday to one amazing kid. Brendan is a funny boy. He is unfailingly honest, and will tell you everything he has ever done (even remotely) wrong. He eats more than any full grown man I know. He loves anything lego, Ninjago, Star Wars, ninja turtles or super heroes. He still likes to hold my hand on the way to school and give me a big hug outside his class. He is doing great in school, and we are super proud of him. Happy birthday buddy we sure love you!!!

Monday, April 14, 2014


I was at work Monday and got stuck late with a patient. I was out of my office for a few minutes copying some things and getting stuff ready for her, when I got back my phone rang and my patient said, "Your phone has been blowing up." Uh oh. After she left I called Rich back, apparently at baseball practice the boys were messing around and somehow Carson's bat connected with Brendan's ear. It was bruised, and he had a little gash behind his ear where his glasses were. He thought it would probably need some glue or maybe a stitch but it had stopped bleeding for the time being. I got home and tried to look at it but he went through the roof every time I touched it (the ear was also bruised so I attributed it to that). We headed down to Urgent Care, where we waited over an hour to get called in. The PA manhandled his ear pretty good while examining it (which resulted in a whole lot of screaming from my kid), and pointed our that he had a bigger laceration on the back side of his ear. He said he would need stitches, and left the room. At this point we waited more than an hour AGAIN for them to come back, by this time the facility was closed and I was super annoyed (it wasn't even that busy, but people who came in after us were coming and going and I didn't understand what was happening). It didn't help that during this wait Brendan was freaking out about his ear getting touched again and getting stitches and screaming that he didn't want needles he only wanted glue, poor guy :<( We did get to play approximately 100 games of tic tac toe and 50 rounds of I Spy during this time, it was a good bonding experience lol. Finally the PA came back with the nurse, and while I was completely irritated by then they were really good with him. It took almost 45 minutes to get everything cleaned and numbed up and stitched and bandaged. The cleaning and lidocaine portions were COMPLETELY HORRIBLE!!!! Poor Brendan was screaming and saying, "PLEASE say you're done, PLEASE say you're done," it broke my heart and I was a mess. Once the medication kicked in it was a lot better, I told him that he made me cry too and he said, "Yeah, I saw snot coming out of your nose Mom." Lovely :>) Overall he got 6 stitches (4 on his ear and 2 behind), Whitney is still the record holder but he is a close second! Hopefully Whitney will hold that record forever.
By this time it was almost 10 pm, but we both earned some ice cream after that experience!
He is doing great now, they sent him home on antibiotics that I will probably never remember to give all 4 daily doses of, but I will try :>)

Friday, April 11, 2014


I have heard people say in the part how fun Ragnars are, but it always flt like something I wasn't capable of. I would go running periodically, but every time I hit the 3 mile mark it seemed like my body just shut down and I really didn't think I could go farther than that. I was talking to my friend Barry who is a big runner, and he said how so much of it is mental and you just need to tell yourself you can do it. In December I told myself I was going to run 5 miles, and I did. Amazingly I was still alive afterwards! I ran a 10K on Christmas Eve, and started to get a little confidence. In January when friends started talking about doing the SoCal Ragnar, I signed up. For the next few months I ran 3-4 times per week (about 13-16 miles per week), and the last few weeks I got in a couple long runs up to 9 miles. I felt as ready as I could be :>) Our start time was at 5:30 am, and since we had to be there an hour early the girls from van 1 decided to stay in a hotel near the start of the race. Good idea in theory, not so much in practice. We had a nice dinner at B.J.s, then headed to the hotel and settled in. We started going to bed around 10, but I probably fell asleep close to 11.  All was well until 1:52 when sirens started blaring and a electronic voice kept stating, "Attention, there is an emergency. Please evacuate the building." We ignored it at first, but it kept going. And going. So we trudged downstairs to the lobby only to have the front desk inform us it was a false alarm and go back to our rooms. Apparently they couldn't figure how to turn it off, and it kept going off until 2:45. Our wake up call was at 3:45 and most of us couldn't sleep after that!  
At some point we gave up on sleep and headed over to the start. I couldn't imagine why we had to be there an hour early, but holy moly there were a lot of people there and we had to do safety instructions/check our safety equipment/get all out stuff etc. They had different groups starting every 15 minutes, and we ended up starting at 5:45 because they were running late. Kyra started us off, and by the time leg 1 was over the sun was up and we were on the beach. Awesome!
It was fun to stop along everyone's routes and cheer them on!
I was runner #6, and my first leg was almost 9 miles through Irvine. It would have been better if there weren't so many stoplights, but I guess making a closed 195 mile course through SoCal is not very feasible :>) The run went really good until about 6 miles in. There were probably 8-10 runners at the stoplight, and I was pretty sure we were supposed to turn right. Someone had messed with the signs though and all the people in front of me crossed the street to their left and went straight. A couple girls behind me and I went to the right, and it took about a mile of me second guessing myself before I was comfortable I was going the right way. Glad I looked closely at the map beforehand :>) I ended at the Great Park in Irvine where we met up with van 2, and the energy was amazing! My average page was 9:14, which was my best time at that distance (of course I did pause it at stoplights and got quite a few breaks that way, but hey). When van 2 took off, we got lunch at Panera then went to our friends' house to shower and rest until we were up again. Love the Chathams, and their house is so amazing!!!
The next major exchange was at Doheny Beach, so we waited there for van 2 to finish. Our friend Meagan volunteered for us, and we got to see her for a bit.
Here we are with a lot of van 2, it was cold!!!
Our second legs started with Shelley running almost 12 miles in the dark along this narrow road where we couldn't follow. The course instructions said there wasn't much parking at the next exchange, so don't get there early. When she had almost 3 miles left we tried to head that way, but it was so backed up and we waited in line to get in the parking lot forever. Niki ended up having to get out of the van to try to find her, poor Shelley had donated blood a few days before and crashed pretty hard. I thought we were going to have to take her to a medic because she was barely coherent and couldn't keep anything down, but she slept and eventually started to feel a bit better. Kyra's and Niki's knees were bothering them a lot, and our van was falling apart! My night run was pretty easy, only 2.7 miles.
I had new wireless headphones that I wasn't very familiar with, a few hundred feet in I pushed a wrong button and they stopped working. Soon after my tail light fell off and broke, then one side of my head lamp came loose so I just ended up carrying everything. Aside from that thought I finished at an 8:41 pace which I was happy with! If I hadn't had to stop so many times to pick things up it would have been faster but oh well :>) Afterwards, van 2 took over and we tried to sleep in the van. I probably got an hour or so and couldn't sleep after that. Part of the reason was that I switched my 3rd leg with Kyra, so while I went in expecting to do 4 now I had 8. I wasn't sure if I would physically be able to run another 8 miler so soon after the last one (especially with such little sleep, but it went a lot better than I expected! Plus the course was mainly on the coastline and was gorgeous :>)
My teeth and mouth are covered in gatorade, that stuff is surprisingly hard to drink while running! My pace for this run was 9:37, and while I was pretty beat by the end I still felt like I had a little more left. Shelley was out of commission, and Kyra said she could only walk on her knees so about 1/2 hour after I finished my leg I picked up the last 2.8 miles of Kyra's leg. That idea sounded better than it was, I got started and realized just how tired I was :>) That last mile felt like it took a year, but I finished eventually! My pace was only 9:59, but I crossed the finish line :>) Niki ended up doing an extra leg as well, that one was 4.5 miles with a gigantic hill and I'm glad she did that instead of me :>) Afterwards we went to Islands and Sprinkles (yum!) and tried to sleep a little while we waited for the other van to run their last legs.
 Our team name was "Mean Girls" after the movie (which was ironic because we are all very nice!) and we each had a different quote from the movie on the back of our shirt.
 we also had fun decorating Kyra's car!
Eventually the other van got there and we waited for the last runner to come in.

 here we are running towards the finish, what a great feeling!

It took us 37 hours to finish this crazy race, but most of us were first timers and we learned a lot. I got to spent a lot of time with some great friends, and make new ones as well. It was an awesome experience, and I look forward to doing it again sometime!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Fool's

My kids are at such a fun age for April Fool's Day, and think that little pranks are hilarious. Here are a couple we did this year..."cupcakes" for dinner (meatloaf topped with mashed potatoes)
 and food coloring in their toothbrushes (one little drop went a LONG way, and I was cleaning up the bathroom for awhile afterwards but their hysterical giggles made it worth it!)

love these kids!!!