Monday, March 31, 2014

New Patio!!!

When we moved to our current house, I really hated the patio (the fact that it had giant weeds growing out of the cracks didn't help). It is this ugly faded orange color, really cracked, and has these giant ugly planters. Just poorly done overall. It's definitely better than no patio, but we wanted to put a nice cover up and decided if we were going to put the money into that we should make sure we liked the patio beneath it. After we got our tax return, we called someone out to give us a patio estimate. It seemed like something we could reasonably do, so Rich called our concrete guy to get an estimate for the concrete. He came out at 5:30 pm on March 4th, we agreed on everything, and they were out jackhammering the old patio out early the next morning. What a fun way for Rich to spend his birthday :>) 

 It was super exciting for my kids!
they spent a few days getting the old slab out, and getting everything ready!

 The mixer truck was the highlight of the day for my boys. They woke up to it coming down the street, and I could barely get them to get dressed they were so entranced. 
 the kids all got to put their hand prints in as well which I LOVE!!!

 We had to wait to get approval from the HOA for the patio cover, and once that came in the patio people came to install it!

 it is huge and beautiful and I love it! It will make the back patio so much more usable for us, I am so happy!!! Now I just need to find a dining set for out there....I looked and looked online, and finally settled on one that I liked. I searched for the best price, and ordered it from A few days later I got an email stating they were sorry they took my order but they are actually out of stock. Boo. I tried to order from the next 2 cheapest places as well and they are both out of stock as well, I found it in stock for $1000 more and I refuse to do that! Now it is time to figure out plan B???

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

San Diego

I wanted to get some pictures of Brendan by the temple for his upcoming baptism, so we headed down to San Diego during spring break. It was rainy and misty the whole way down, but fortunately stopped raining while we were there :>)

 My mom came to spend the day with us as well which was fun!

 he sure is a handsome boy, and he is SUPER EXCITED to get baptized!!!
 Afterwards we went to the Mormon Battalion. I have never been there before, and honestly wasn't expecting much but it was a fun place!

 the kids loved panning for gold

it was a fun day with our family!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Niki's Birthday

For Niki's birthday, we did a girls' afternoon down in Balboa. First we went to the beach (seriously, where has winter been this year???). 
We hung out for awhile, then rented beach cruisers!
 We rode down to Newport Pier and walked around for awhile. 

As the birthday girl Niki also got the privilege of riding the mechanical bull shark. She did awesome and even impressed the operator :>)
afterwards we went to Cafe Rio. It was a perfect day!


Brendan just finished his first season of basketball. He LOVED it! He was on a team with his buddies Jack and Dax, this was especially exciting since we are not in their ward or school anymore! 
 I had mixed emotions about the season....the coach was really nice, but he was a busy guy and we only had a few practices the whole season, and Brendan didn't get much playing time (I know he wasn't the best player out there, but at this stage when they don't even keep score it seemed like it should be a little more equal?). That being said, he thought everything was wonderful and is already talking about playing next year! They had their team party at the trampoline park which my kids thought was amazing! After jumping for awhile we had pizza and cake and awards.
 Their team name was the Clipper-Laker-Fireballs (this is what happens when you let kids pick their own team name lol)
Here is Brendan with Coach Wilson
 He got the most improved award, he tried really hard and we were proud of him!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Dr. Seuss night

The boys' school does an annual Dr. Seuss night which is fun. The kids make Cat in the Hat hats, get whiskers painted on, and can go to different classrooms to hear stories or do different crafts. They also give a book to each student. My kids love it!
We even got to meet the cat himself :>)
I almost didn't go...Rich was working, it had been a long day and I kind of felt like staying home. The boys really wanted to go though so I decided to do it. All went well until I said they couldn't have a second piece of cake, then all 4 of my children promptly lost their mind :<( Oh well I tried!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Weekend Getaway

 It has been over 2 years since Rich and I have had a chance to go away overnight by ourselves (we went to Redondo Beach for our 10th anniversary where it rained the whole time). We had plans to go for our anniversary last year but ended up having to cancel at the last minute due to Rich's work   :<( This year my mom was kind enough to agree to watch our kids for a couple of days and we headed down to San Diego! This winter has been so WARM and dry, but of course the weekend we went was the biggest storm in years :>) We dropped the kids off Friday afternoon, and spent 2 white-knuckled hours driving in pouring rain. There were a few times when I was certain we would crash, but amazingly enough we made it in one piece! We stayed in the Sheraton on Harbor Island, and it was beautiful! After we got settled in to the hotel, we went to Phil's BBQ for dinner. We have been hearing about this place for years from multiple people, and thought we would give it a try. We waited in line outside for 30 minutes (the rain had somewhat subsided by this point!) and were excited to get our food.
 I walked up to the front counter to get some silverware, and came back to our table to find my husband missing. I waited....and waited....and waited. Finally about 15 minutes later he came out of the bathroom, apparently he had taken a bite of my sandwich that was too big and it got stuck in his esophagus and he was trying to get it out. He has done this before, he can breathe fine, but he can't eat anything because it won't go down. One time he had to actually go to the hospital to get it scoped out.  It took him longer than it took to eat my whole meal, but eventually he got it out. I was just glad we didn't have to go to the ER :>) The rest of the night it did nothing but rain, so we rented a movie and relaxed at the hotel. I was hoping to get a good training run in the next morning, and when we woke up there was actually blue sky visible (this is the view from our balcony, we would have spent more time out there if it was ever dry lol). 
 The hourly weather forecast said there was 100% chance of rain every hour for the rest of the day, but we decided to give it a shot while the skies were clear. 
About 2 miles in, we saw a wall of rain coming toward us. It went from no rain to drenching sheets of rain in about 2 seconds. AT first I thought I could just run through it, but then it started hailing as well and I ducked under the overhang of a nearby Hilton. The people there were really nice, they gave me a towel (and an extra one for Rich who found another shelter!) and eventually the crazy downpour subsided!
 After that Rich said he was done, I had planned to run 8 miles and it was just drizzling so I headed out for some more. Within another mile it started raining harder, but it was manageable so I made it a grand total of 6.5 before calling it quits! Not quite what I was aiming for but man that was some crazy weather :>) We got brunch at Cafe 333, then went to the San Diego temple.
When we got done it was more rain rain rain, so we went back to the hotel and watched Captain Phillips. The rain let up a bit by the evening, so we went down to Seaport Village for dinner.
the weekend was not quite what we planned, but it was still a wonderful time with my hubby! And maybe the solution to California's drought is for us to plan more vacations :>)