Thursday, February 27, 2014

Blue and Gold DInner

Hard to believe, but Brendan will be turning 8 soon so he got to go to the scout Blue and Gold dinner. He is super excited for scouts, and couldn't wait! They were each supposed to make 1 dozen blue and gold themed cupcakes, and he worked really hard on them.

They were beautiful :>) I put them in the cupcake carrier and went upstairs, I came down shortly later to find the cupcake carrier on the floor with crumbs all over the place and cupcakes all on their sides/upside down along with 2 little girls who had very blue faces. Poor Brendan was so sad :<( We did out best to salvage them but they were pretty sad looking! Despite that mishap, he still had a lot of fun at the dinner.
 He got a candy bar (which was THRILLING!) and won an award for the most "cub scout themed" cupcakes :>) 
All was good until he wanted another cupcake and I said no (honestly he had eaten a TON of food!) at that point he got super mad and yelled quite loudly to anyone who would listen how mean I was. Not helping your cause there, buddy! He refused to take a picture with me by all the flags but at least Carson still loved me :>)
a couple more months and he will be in scouts for real! 

Saturday, February 22, 2014

My Birthday

35 was a little sad for me. I feel like I am now closer to 40 than 30. When Rich got home for work, I went over to the high school to do some interval training on the track (Ragnar is coming up quick!). There were some kids running there, and it occurred to me that most of them are probably LESS that half my age. What is happening here??? After that, my mom took me to get a pedicure. It was lovely, except I always feel like to people who work there talk about you the whole time :>)  That night, Rich and I went to dinner with my mom and Bob to Shogun. It was delicious, and our chef put on quite a show!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A LONG Process

We had been renting out our old house to our friends since we moved out in May of 2012. At the time, the market was super low and we were just a bit upside down, we were hoping the market would turn around within the next couple years. Our renters told us they would be moving out in November, and we toyed with the idea of renting it again vs. selling it. The market had gone up enough that we could actually make a bit of a profit, we had fears of bad renters, and the house is 18 years old and we kept waiting for something big to go wrong with it so we decided to sell. I never thought it would be so hard to pick a listing price, we of course wanted to get as much money as we could but also wanted to sell it quickly (and I know the holidays are not typically the best time to sell, we were worried about it sitting on the market for months while we paid 2 mortgages). We ended up pricing it slightly below what we thought top dollar would be, and within a few days got a full price offer. Score! We even got this letter from the buyers:
Dear Homeowner 
My name is --------- and I am very much interested in purchasing your property. After several weeks of house hunting, I feel I have found the perfect place to call home.   I met my fiancĂ©e Brianna at church and we have been dating for a little over a year and excited to marry her in early March 2014.  Both Brianna and I love your home, the location, the back yard.  Starting our lives as husband and wife in this home is something we look forward to, together with someday raising our children and seeing them running around the back yard and building their own memories.
We appreciate you taking the time to look at my offer and hope that you will consider helping me call this property “home”.   I hope and pray you keep us in your thoughts when choosing the next family to make their own memories in this property.   Thank you for your time and consideration.
With Kind Regards,
I looked him up on FB, they were LDS, and they totally reminded me of us when we first moved in. It seemed perfect! Then after a couple weeks in escrow these people who loved our house SO MUCH backed out with no explanation. Grr. Back on the market we went. Fortunately, within a day we got TWO full price offers. They battled it out amongst themselves and both ended up offering $6K more. We picked one couple over the other man just because they specified "no termite" in their offer, and with the house at the age it is we suspected there might be some issues. They were preapproved and their realtor said they could close fast. WRONG! We went into escrow on December 5th, and initially escrow was projected to close on 1/10. That date came and went, apparently there were problems with the first lender AND the second lender and they had to move on to a third. And when they did the home inspection and there was mild termite damage they asked us to pay for it. WHAT??? Read your offer please. BUT, after 2 1/2 months (and 3 months of paying two mortgages!!!) we finally closed on 2/18/14. The whole process stressed me out, I would not be good at flipping houses or any occupation like that! We will miss that house though, we had a lot of good times there. Walking through it now though it feels SUPER SMALL, we do love our new place!!!

The night of the 18th (before we even had the funds in our account) Rich found a new (to us at least!) car. Before I knew what was happening he was driving to his brother's car lot and came home with a 2011 Honda Civic. Our Nissan was 10 years old and had 208,000 miles on it, we kind of felt like it was a ticking time bomb so we gave it the boot. We also plan to put half the profits into the kids' college funds, and the balance will be used for a new patio and cover! It is kind of nice to get a big chunk of change like that, it will probably never happen again in this lifetime!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day

The kids had Valentine's Day off of school this year for a long President's Day weekend. It was nice to have a fun day with them! I was so excited that the girls have enough hair to do fun stuff with now. We gave Sabrina some "heart hair"
 Whitney has a lot less to work with, I tried with her too but she pulled it out within minutes :>)
 they do love each other!
 we met a bunch of friends at the park to play and decorate Valentine's cookies.
 we also did a "romantic" candlelight dinner. The kids weren't quite sure what to think about that one :>)

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Carson Turns 6!

I tried telling Carson that for this birthday he should go backwards and turn 4 instead of 6, he pointedly told me NO! He is a smart little boy with STRONG opinions. If you ask him, he NEVER cries (usually he tells you this while sobbing). He's not too touchy-feely (especially around other people!) but at least once a day he will come give me a big hug and say, "I love you Mommy." Melts my heart every time :>) He is doing awesome in school, and really starting to read well. He is a great big brother, and can often be found playing with his little sisters. He loves anything to do with legos, super heroes, star wars, Ninjago, or sports. 

We had a little birthday party for him at Chuck-E-Cheese. We planned for a afternoon when Rich and I were both off so we could both be there, but when I was volunteering in Brendan's class that morning, Brendan came up to me and said he wasn't feeling well. Next thing I knew he was puking in the sink. He was SO SAD to miss, Rich stayed home with him and fortunately my mom was able to come along and help out! Carson requested a Captain America cake. 
 I made a cream cheese buttercream frosting, which contrary to the recipe description did NOT pipe well. It was tasty though :>)
 I loved the fact that the inside was a flag, it kind of got lost on a bunch of kindergarteners though :>)
Carson loved meeting Chuck-E
 and rocking out with him!
I think his favorite part was the ticket blaster!
 he also had a great time with his friends.
 February is a big birthday month, 5 of these 7 had birthdays within 2 weeks.
 Jack, Christian, Carson, Brennan, Skylar, Evan, Andres
On the morning of his actual birthday, we had his requested chocolate chip pancakes.
 he also got some fun presents! After school I took the kids to see the Lego movie, which he and Brendan LOVED. The girls are still hit and miss at the movie theater, I had them go to the bathroom before we left and then Whitney said she had to pee when we got there. I took her, and then within minutes of the movie starting she was yelling (quite loudly), "I HAVE TO PEE! I'M GONNA PEE MY PANTS!" I took her to the bathroom, we got outside the door, and she says, "I don't have to go to the bathroom!" We repeated this charade 3 times in the first half hour, I was super annoyed (I have learned my lesson to listen to her though, otherwise she gets mad and tends to pee on the floor. On purpose. Lovely.)
happy birthday to my beautiful boy, love you buddy!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

First Tooth

Someone lost his first tooth! I was worried how this would go. When Brendan lost his first couple of teeth, Carson saw the blood and cried for HOURS that he never wanted to lose teeth :>) Fortunately he seemed to move past it! His bottom tooth had been wiggly for a few days, then all of a sudden he came up to me with it in his hand (he just kept wiggling it til it fell out). Super easy! The other bottom one has some give to it as well, I imagine it will come out in the next week or 2. He is growing up :<(