Saturday, November 30, 2013

Cookie Party

We went to the annual Jones/Gray cookie party, and had a great time!
 A lot of people were not able to make it this year, but we still enjoyed some wonderful company (and lots of yummy cookies!)
 Love these girls of mine :>)

Friday, November 29, 2013

Putting up the Tree

Once Thanksgiving was over, it was time to put up the tree!

 The girls spent more time being silly than actually helping :>)

 I took them to the store to pick out their annual ornament. This is a tradition that I love, it is so fun to pull them out every year and hear how excited they get for their old ornaments (even though quite a few of them are glued together!). Brendan (shockingly) picked Yoda...
 Carson picked Captain America...
 Whitney got Rapunzel...
 and Sabrina picked Merida.
 The tree looked pretty good when they were done!

Thursday, November 28, 2013


Thanksgiving was a lot of fun! We started the day off bright and early doing a 5K Turkey Trot that our friend Barry organized. I thought it might be a little ambitious to do a 5K at 7 am with all the kids while Rich was working, but the kids did great. The boys didn't complain TOO much, and the girls stayed in the stroller the whole time :>) We definitely walked a lot more than we run, but it was a fun way to start the morning with good friends!
 Afterwards we went to Frank and Amy's for Thanksgiving dinner. Frank had to work, and Rich was home sleeping, but we still had a good time!
 Love all these kids, they are growing too fast!
 It was the first time I have seen my SIL Amy since she started chemo. She is rocking an awesome wig, and being way more positive about this whole ordeal than I would be. Love her!!!
 These girl cousins are so cure together. Even with the big age difference they still get along really well. It is way more fun when we add Jill and her 6 kids to the bunch, but we love our California cousins just as much!

Monday, November 25, 2013


 We took the kids out to Farrells' for ice cream. I love that place, especially love how even when my kids are being completely crazy we don't stand out :>)

 They are like a swarm of descending locusts when it comes to food, the 2 sundaes we ordered didn't last long :>)

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Getting Fancy

Our friends Susie and Brandon moved into our ward and neighborhood about 6-7 years ago. They are great people, and we really enjoyed getting to know them. After living there a couple of years, they moved from our old neighborhood into our current neighborhood (they actually had the same model we have now, when I saw our house for sale there was only a picture of the front but I knew it was the same as Susie's house so I would love it!). When we were looking at our current house, I was excited that we would be living right up the street from them, but they moved again (out of the ward, boo). They moved again recently, and bought this AMAZING house right on the beach. She just turned 30, and Brandon threw an awesome party for her last weekend. It was a red carpet event, and we knew there was going to be some kind of surprise :>) So fun! 
 When we pulled up to the gate of their community, a limo came and drove us up to their house. We got out onto the red carpet, and he hired all these fake paparazzi who were taking pictures and asking questions like, "Who are you wearing?". Hilarious!
Susie looked amazing, we saw lots of old friends (even people who traveled from out of state to be there) and it was pretty incredible!
 some of my favorite ladies!
 It was catered by Cafe Rio and Sprinkles cupcakes (YUM). We ate right out their back gate on their private beach just steps from the ocean. Crazy.

Me and Niki...she was wearing her old prom dress and I busted out a bridesmaid dress from 2002. Sometimes it is handy to hang on to old stuff :>)

 Then it was time for the surprise....Susie is a huge Dancing With the Stars fan, so Brandon got Maks to come out and choreograph a dance with her (complete with all kinds of crazy dips). It was so fun to watch, she did great!
Afterwards he took pictures with people. I don't even really watch that show but he shook my hand and I have to admit I was a little starstruck!
Here we are on our limo ride back out to the car (not our baby!). This was my first time ever being in a limo, Rich told me ahead of time that they are overrated but I thought  it was great :>)

What an amazing night. I don't think I will ever go to a party quite like that the rest of my life. So good to see Susie and her new place, so happy for them and their successes (it couldn't happen to a nicer family). What a night!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

AWESOME Date Night!!!

My friend Kyra organized a kayaking date night for Saturday. Her old bishop lives right on the lake, and has a bunch of kayaks he was willing to let us borrow. It was the middle of November, but fortunately still pretty nice outside! It started off just fine...
 and the next thing I knew Rob and Meagan sunk and were in the water. They made their way back to shore (in the meantime, Chelsea and Jeff sank too. They weren't very deep when it happened, but still funny). Rob and Meagan got another kayak, paddled out, and sunk AGAIN!. Hilarious!!! They were such good sports about it.
Fortunately our kayak held up just fine :>)
Poor Bishop McBride felt really bad (even though we all assured him that this was the most memorable date we had had for quite some time!), and he took us out on his boat for awhile.
 It was a great evening!
We went to dinner afterwards which was delicious, and it was not a night I will soon forget :>)

Starting Early

Brendan handed this to me a few days ago, apparently he wants to make sure Santa gets his letter in time :>)
 and just in case there is any confusion as to what "those legos" are, he glued pictures on the other side. The kid is thorough!

Student of the Month

We got a note last week stating that Carson was getting an award today (same as with Brendan, they don't tell you what he is getting til they announce it. Kind of strange?). We were super proud of him for getting student of the month!
 He is doing really well in school, andMOST days he really likes to go :>) Love this kid!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


The kids had lots of opportunities to wear their costumes this year. The boys got to wear them to school the Friday before Halloween. Brendan said he didn't want to "waste" his costume, so instead he wore a too-small Spiderman costume. Awesome :>)

 The Saturday before we had the trunk or treat. Rich ended up having to work, which meant I had to work a bit more too :>) The kids did pretty good though! And between all their candy and all the candy I DIDN'T pass out (while I was taking the girls trick or treating), we had enough sugar in our house afterwards to put an army in a diabetic coma! I have made a pretty hefty dent in it this week though ha ha.
Here is my little Snow White...

 my pink power ranger (Sabrina has been saying she wanted to be the pink power ranger for MONTHS. We found this costume at Costco, it was way too big and I had to hem 8 inches off the bottom but she was super excited and had to have it).

 Here is my Obi wan Kenobi...
 (this poor kids' eyes...they cross so much when his glasses are off that he looks like he isn't looking at the camera even when he is...I think surgery may be in his future *sigh*)
 and Anakin
 Someone passed along the website to me back in May when they were having a huge sale. The selection wasn't super amazing, but my boys loved these costumes and they were only EIGHT DOLLARS. I will be looking there again next year :>)

 On Halloween we had dinner at our friends the McDowells and went trick or treating with a few families after that. Crazy to think that our 4 families have a combined 18 kids :>) It was a great night!!!