Friday, July 26, 2013

Super Fun Week!

It has been almost a year since the Nelsons moved cross country (my boys say they live on "the other side of the world," it might as well be!), and we have missed them! We were so excited that they were coming back to Cali for a week. The Cooks were able to come visit from AZ for a few days too which was so great. We crammed a lot of fun into that time! We had a game night at the park...
a beach day...

 including my favorite part a stop at Dairy Queen :>)

we spent lots of time at the pool, and went to the splash pad and park  (AFTER we went to the donut shop)

They stayed at our house for two nights, and we were so happy to have them over. The kids wore themselves out!
They came to our ward with us on Sunday, and the kids all looked so cute together
 I REALLY REALLY miss this gal!
 the kids had so much fun playing together

I am so so grateful to have such wonderful friends. Although I do wish they would stop moving to far and distant places :<( Right before Melissa left on Sunday, Whitney hurt her leg on the trampoline. She said it hurt, and kept falling when she tried to put weight on it. I thought she might have broken it somehow, so that kept me distracted enough to not cry as she was leaving. Turns out she was fine, but I am still sad!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Living Large

We had a beach day with the Moores, Freemans, Crepeaus, and Grossmans, some families that are in the "new" ward that I miss and really love. It was a beautiful day, and we had a great time! My boys made friends with a little boy named Jesse while playing in the sand. After awhile Brendan brought him over and said, "This is my mom and twin sisters, my dad isn't here. He has no hair and he is Rich." Ha ha ha :>) As we were leaving, Brendan pointed out Jesse's house to me (which was right on the beach), and said that WE should move to the beach. Well if we are so "rich" then why not?


A couple weeks ago, I went through a few days where I felt like I was really yelling at my kids. A lot. One morning I sat down with my boys and told them I was really going to try to work on not yelling so much. In return, I asked them to please try to stop making me so mad :>) Fair deal, right? About an hour later, I walked into their room and noticed that the floor was all wet. I asked Brendan if he knew why, and he answered, "Because I peed on it." WHAT?!?!? I asked him if he wet his pants, and he replied that no, he took them off first. I questioned him further, and it turns out that both he AND Carson had done this on numerous occasions. I kind of lost my mind a little bit, and Brendan then said, "Mom, you said you weren't going to yell anymore." I said, "AND YOU SAID YOU WEREN'T GOING TO MAKE ME SO MAD!!!!" So much for that plan, guess we will try again tomorrow :>)  Before bed that night he came up to me and said, "Mom, I was going to pee on the floor but I didn't." Great. Hopefully we nipped that in the bud? Gross!
They can be so sweet though. When Brendan reads books to Carson it melts my heart a bit. Just need to remember those moments when I am squishing through wet pee-soaked carpet :>)

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Slide Day

We were ta playgroup at the park one day when we saw a bunch of families had rented a waterslide for the day. That sounded fun, so we did the same thing! To keep it from being too crazy, we split into two shift. We went for a few hours in the morning, and it was fun (we would have got there earlier, but the radiator in Rich's car cracked right as he got home so we had to take it to the shop. That car has almost 200,000 miles on it and we are just waiting for it to die one day!)
 This picture makes me laugh!

The girls spent most of the time hanging out in the pool by the ladder :>)
 Love these kids!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

4th of July

On the morning of the 4th of July, we went down to church for the Primary parade. They had a program and breakfast first, then afterwards we went out to the parking lot where the kids showed off their patriotic rides!

That afternoon, we went to an awesome block party that my neighbor Traci organized (I really love our neighborhood). We swam, ate yummy food, the kids went on a giant inflatable waterslide (that was a BIT too crazy for my kids!) and had a big fireworks display right in front of our house. It went for about 2 hours, and some of the ones they got would put any stadium show to shame. Rich had to work, but the rest of us had a lot of fun. The only hiccup in the night was when Whitney started making a funny noise, then barfed all over Brendan (who was sitting in my lap). My guess is that she choked on part of a glow stick, because there was glow-in-the-dark vomit all over us. Gross :<( Fortunately she was just fine afterwards, and it was an awesome night!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


The last few years we have gone camping with friends. This year time kind of got away from me, and I didn't plan anything. Lots of people kept asking when we were going camping, so one night Rich and I just decided we needed to plan something! We picked a date 2 months out that worked for us, and sent out an email to see what friends wanted to join us. The response was huge, 70 people said they wanted to come. With that many people and that little notice, there wasn't a whole lot available, but we found a campsite in Temecula that could accommodate our group. Numbers gradually dwindled, and the week before we were down to 10 families. All of a sudden people started dropping like flies, and by the night before we were down to 5 families. I was feeling kind of annoyed (partly too because the weather had been SO NICE, then the day we left a massive heat wave started and it was TOASTY!!!), but the more I thought about it the more I realized that while it is fun to camp with friends, the most important part was spending quality time with our family. Even if that quality time involved dripping in sweat :>) The kids were SO EXCITED, and Thursday after lunch we headed out!
We arrived to triple digit temps, and after we unloaded and set up we immediately headed down to the lake (well it is advertised as a lake, I think it probably qualifies more as a pond. The water felt good though!)

 The kids were really excited to go on the paddle boats, probably because they just sat there while we did all the work ha ha :>) 

 they had a blast hanging out with all their little friends!

 we got a mommy picture, I was sad to realize when we got home that we didn't get a family one., Next time I will pay more attention to that!
The Thompsons brought their hammock which was a big hit (not for relaxing, but seeing how high they could go! I kept waiting for someone to fall out but they did pretty good).

 It was fun to hang out at the campsite, although after we had swam and baked on Friday we did head out to a movie to escape the heat for awhile. Of course we ran into people we knew there while all dirty and smelling like a lake, but it was still fun :>)
Of course you never sleep much while camping, but it seemed we had more nocturnal activity going on than usual. We saw some raccoons before going to bed, and sure enough they knocked over all the trash cans during the night and went through the garbage (one was only a few feet from our tent). There was a donkey up the road that would start braying randomly throughout the night, and continue on for what felt like forever. It would get the neighboring dogs all fired up, and they would bark. And it always amazes me how loud birds are...good times :>) At least no one threw up in our tent, sorry Niki!

We did a few meals as a group, and had some yummy food!
Dirty kids and swimsuits pretty much sums up this trip :>)