Sunday, March 24, 2013

Kristi is Home!!!!

My baby sister has been serving in the Rome, Italy mission for the last 18 months, and we were so excited for her to come back! She left before the girls' first birthday, and my kids have grown up a lot since then. We made some posters to greet her at the airport with!
 Her flight was scheduled to arrive at 11:10 Friday night. I had the kids sleep for a little more than an hour before we left. They were so excited I figured they would wake up easily, but boy was I mistaken. It was like trying to wake the dead. It took longer than I expected, but I eventually loaded them up into the car. Fortunately her flight was running a little behind so we still made it in time :>) We met my mom at the airport, as well as my cousin Heather, her boys, and my Uncle Phil.
 It was so good to see her come down those steps! And I need to buy Brendan some bigger pjs :>)
My sister Janine is in Utah, but she got to see the homecoming via phone.

We got home around 1 am (Kristi had been traveling over 48 hours), and had to be at the ball field at 8:30 the next morning for Brendan's game.
 Afterwards we went to her requested In'n'Out for lunch!
 After lunch we went to Carson's t-ball game...
 where he was super excited to get the game ball!
 She had fun hanging out with the girls too.
 The next day she got to speak in our ward. Since we were going to be driving home the following Sunday (Easter), I had the kids wear their Easter outfits. I love them (especially the suits on the cute!)
After church all the family who was able to come came over for brunch. This is me and Kristi and our cousins Heather and Sarah. So fun to see everyone!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Ward Party

Although the ward just split, we had already planned an Easter egg hunt and decided to still have it as a combined ward activity. The kids thought they died and went to heaven. We also had a picnic dinner at the park, and ate a ridiculous amount of desserts. Memorable moment of the night....Brendan slipped on the slope and skinned his knee (AND ripped a hole in one of the very few pairs of hole-free pants he owns). He cried pretty good for well over five minutes, and loudly screamed, "I feel like I am going to die!" I felt bad for him, but it was kind of funny. Once he got a band aid on he perked right up though!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Open House

We were able to go to Brendan's school for Open House. It was fun to see all the cute projects they had made.
 He was most excited, however, to show off the class Ipads to his siblings. I kept trying to get the kids to go home, and he kept saying, "I need to show them one more thing! Open House doesn't end until 7:30!" Exciting stuff :>)
They also had a Dr. Seuss night a few weeks ago. I took just the boys, and they had a grand old time. I need to find my tiny cheap camera that has pictures on it, but this will do for now!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Baseball Begins!

Baseball practice started a few weeks ago, and last week was the first week of games (Opening Day got rained out, which I was really happy about, but then I felt bad for being excited ALREADY this early in the season when things get cancelled? Bad Mommy!). Carson is playing t-ball for the Angels and Coach Dave, and Rich is helping out. 
I love to watch Rich with his boys it's adorable!
Carson feel the need to "slide," which basically means he falls on his knees at home plate. Brendan never was a slider, and it is making washing pants a whole lot more fun :>)
And of course, his favorite part is the snacks :>)
T-ball is so funny to watch...there are kids running to third, carrying the bat all the way around the bases, standing at home plate and yelling "YAY!!!!" after they hit the ball, etc. I love it!
Brendan is playing Single A for the Cardinals and Coach Dad!It is a fun team..5 of the 9 kids are from the ward, so there are lots of friends for Carson and the girls to play with (and for me to talk to!)

Brendan got to play catcher the other day and thought it was awesome.

Love my family! It is always busy when you get 2 sports schedules going, but it should be a fun

Growing Pains

Our ward at church has been enormous for a long time. We have 2 Elders Quorums, 2 of almost every primary class, and every week the overflow is not big enough and they have to put chairs in the cultural hall. They have been talking about splitting the ward for YEARS, and we all knew the day was going to come eventually. At Christmas in 2011, Bishop Hughes mentioned that the stake had talked to him on more than one occasion about splitting the ward, but he asked them to wait until he was released. He hit his 5 year mark this past summer, so it was assumed he would be released soon. Even with all that preparation, I was still surprised 3 Sundays ago when they announced that they would split the ward the following week. A couple days later we met with President Snider, who extended a call to Rich and told us what the new boundaries would be. I has assumed that we would be in a different ward from our old neighborhood, and I was not wrong. I was doing fine with everything until that Friday morning, when I went out to breakfast with some girlfriends for my friend Jessica's birthday. I was looking around the table, and realized that of the seven people sitting at the table, every single one of them was going to be in the new ward but me (and I couldn't even say anything because the new boundaries were not going to be announced until Sunday). I went home and cried. I thought I got it all out of my system, then we went to church that Sunday and the floodgates were loosened. Every time someone tried to talk to me the waterworks came on again. We lived in our old neighborhood for 9 years, and it felt like we had family there. When we moved, we specifically stayed in the same ward boundaries because there were so many people in the ward that we loved. Not to say that there aren't a lot of really great and wonderful people in our current ward, but there are a lot of people in the new ward that I am going to miss deeply. 
The following week (this past Sunday) was the first official day of the split. The crowd in sacrament meeting felt so small, and Primary seemed like we were waiting for the rest of the classes to come in. Since they only had a week, a lot of callings have not been filled yet and things were a little chaotic. Everything will get ironed out though, and I know that this split is a good thing. The ward was getting too big, and it's hard to function like that. Now it will be easier to focus on people, and more people will have the opportunity to serve. That doesn't mean I won't miss people however!
When we moved last year, things worked out so smoothly that it was very clear that we were supposed to be in that house. AT the time, I attributed it to a blessing from Rich's calling. Now it is clear that we are supposed to be in this ward. It will be interesting to see how things work out!

Friday, March 15, 2013


Saturday night I went to check on the boys before I went to bed, and the first thing I noticed was that Carson's bed was empty. I looked in the bathroom and downstairs, but he was nowhere to be found. Then I looked on Brendan's bed and saw this. I thought it was cute! The next night as they were getting ready for bed, Carson asked Brendan if he could sleep in his bed again. Brendan said, "You can sleep in my bed EVERY night!" And every night this week, that is exactly what has happened. Nice to know that they really DO love each other :>)

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Fashion Police Needed

We asked Brendan to go upstairs and get dressed, and this is what he came down with. I do not foresee a future in fashion for this kid :>)

Friday, March 8, 2013

Pirate Party

At the end of the trimester, Brendan's class had a pirate party and awards ceremony for their sight words. Brendan has been doing well, and he passed off all ten hundred words. He also passed off the spelling test for the first hundred (that's all she tested for, but he could probably do more. He may just turn into a spelling nerd like his mom!). For each hundred that they pass off they get some kind or pirate paraphernalia, and they were all decked out by the end!
We love his teacher! She has been wonderful with him.
Here he is showing off his pirate rings with his buddy Tyler.
Rich got to go in the class and see the awards ceremony, Brendan was super excited to have his dad there!
Good job Brendan we are proud of you!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Girl on Fire

Tuesday afternoon, I was baking the cake for Rich's birthday trifle. Whenever I use the KitchenAid, the kids like to sit on the counter and watch it mix (like so)
I turned around for 5 seconds to put water in a cup at the sink, and when I turned back around Whitney's skirt was on fire. Somehow she reached over to the stove and turned it on I guess? I put it out right away, but it kind of REALLY freaked me out. At that point I put the kids OFF the counter, and they were none too happy about that (in fact all three told me I was "mean"). At least they are not in the burn unit :>)
It's too bad because I really love this's just a little singed, hopefully if I cut the black parts off it will still look ok? Crazy kids!

Happy Birthday Rich!

Rich turned 35 on Tuesday! We (tried to) let him sleep him, made him waffles, and gave him his new "Coach Rich" clipboard (since his old one is broken AND lost). The present he is most excited about is the new basketball hoop (pictures to come!).
After the boys went to school, we dropped the girls off with my friend (thanks Traci!) and we went to have a couple's massage. This was the first time either one of us had a "real" massage, and it was a little strange at times but super relaxing (I think I actually fell asleep at one point...not sure if it was just the massage or if I was still recovering from being up with Sabrina SIX times the night before). After Brendan's baseball practice, we left the kids with a sitter while we went to a meeting then grabbed a QUICK bite to eat before he had to be at mutual. We did get to eat his requested trifle for dessert though!
Happy birthday Rich, we love you!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

More glasses

On Valentine's Day, I took Carson to the pediatric opthamologist to see what they had to say about his right eye. A few months ago we started noticing that it would cross occasionally when he was watching tv, and it has gotten progressively worse (to the point where it is a little creepy having a conversation with him sometimes because his eye just crosses in and out). I thought he was going to have to wear patches on his eye (like my sister and I both did when we were kids for OUR lazy eyes), but after testing him they said he just needs glasses "and his eyes will straighten right out." That is good, because we like straight eyes :>) I was nervous about the appointment, because they told me on the phone that we would be there between 2-4 hours, but we were done in less than one so that was great! We ordered his glasses, and he got them about a week ago (the same day that Brendan broke HIS glasses....grr).. He had to get blue ones "like Brendan." He looks adorable, but I feel bad that our first two kids inherited my defective vision. Hopefully my girls will fare better! We go back next month to see how he is doing. I haven't noticed his eyes crossing while wearing glasses, but as soon as he takes them off his right eye is all over the place again so we will see :>)