Saturday, March 3, 2018

Carson and Basketball

Carson has been talking about playing basketball for a long time, and we finally signed him up! He was super excited, and had a  great time.
 His team had some sweet kids. They really weren't very good, but they tried and improved and I did enjoy watching them (even if they did finish the season 0-8. Including one loss that was 77-10, ouch!). 
 It was a learning experience for sure, and he looks forward to playing again sometime! Coach Chip and Coach Ralph were nice guys who put a lot of time and effort into this team, we are grateful for them!

Friday, February 23, 2018

Daddy Daughter Dance

I love that our school does this every year! The girls look forward to a night out with their dad. They pick their outfits out carefully, and also get complete control over Rich's tie :>) Love to see how excited they are, and they had a great time!

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Blue and Gold Dinner

Carson was VERY excited for the Blue and Gold dinner! I was maybe a bit less excited (although who doesn't love the prospect of hot dogs and cub scouts for their birthday dinner lol). Carson had a lot of fun making his cub scout cake, and did most of it by himself (including making the banana cake. He got a good science lesson by seeing what happens when you forget the baking soda lol). 
 It was a prize-winning cake despite its flatness :>)
 He also got his Bear award, and is now officially a Webelo!
 Ethan and Hector got their bear awards as well

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Gray Family

Zane turned 14 and advanced in the priesthood, so we went to their ward and house for dinner. It was a great day with our family! The Jorgensens were in town too, and these cousins have so much fun together.
 Chloe and the twins were really getting in the Olympic spirit ha.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Valentine's Hair

I am not great at fancy hairstyles, but the girls like to have heart hair for Valentine's Day so we tried a few new dos out this year.

They were kind of identifiable as hearts lol. On Valentine's Day I had to work, but my in-laws were home and Mary did a fun scavenger hunt with the kids after school. We also had our romantic candlelight dinner, I love how much they look forward to it!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Carson is 10!

Carson is in the double digits! For his cake this year he requested a shark cake. We found one online that I thought was in my skill level, and...nope. I stacked the cakes, then cut out a (too big) hole for the mouth, then over the course of the next 10 minutes it completely collapsed. Whoops! We found a Plan B cake which did not require so much carving and we were in business. 

 For his party he wanted to go to Rock Fitness. I didn't put up a fight because that makes it super easy for me :>) He had a decent turnout with his friends, I think everyone had a good time! 

 The high line was a highlight for sure lol.
At the end we had pizza and cake. Easy peasy!
On his actual birthday he woke up to a bunch of Cody Bellinger stuff. He loves his Dodgers!
He got his birthday pancakes with whipped cream...
and butterfinger cake for dessert (made by Brendan).
Man, I love this kid. He is smart, and silly, and super sweet. Except when he's not :>) He can also be very moody, and will get completely bent out of shape if he thinks something is not fair. I'm sure in life he will have plenty of opportunities to get over that one lol. He loves baseball/Dodgers, basketball, his dog, video games, and Nerf guns. Phase 1 of braces come off in another month or so! His eyes still cross a bunch when his glasses come off, but the opthamologist says they are stable for now. Happy birthday Carson!

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Science Fair

We survived our first science fair project! And with 4 kids we will have  many more to follow :>) Brendan did it on candy chromatography, and we learned all kids of interesting facts about food dyes and how chromatography works. He is a bit of a science nerd, and enjoyed it.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Park City

We went on our annual Park City trip with friends, and it was a blast!We flew in Wednesday night, and the guys spent the next 3 days hitting the slopes. Rich was so bummed to miss out on everything last year (it was soon after his accident and he was really sore, we already had everything booked so we still went and had fun but he didn't get to do much!). This year he had a great time! While the boys were busy the girls played. 
We looked like we were in a horror film, but collagen masks in the hot tub was a lot of fun!
 We met up with Cristol one day for lunch and shopping, so fun to see her! 
 We found some very amazing vests at the Nordstrom Rack
We can't go to Utah without a Swig stop!
 On Friday some of the girls went snowboarding, Kim and Janitsy were nice enough to drive me down to Provo so I could meet my squishy new niece! She was born as I was on the plane to Utah. I told my sister it was very considerate of her to time her delivery so well for me :>)
We went to a crater, it was strange to go swimming when it was freezing cold outside, but the water was warm and lovely!
Afterwards we went to the Midway Ice Castles. It's been on my list of places to see someday, and it really was pretty cool. And cold. We didn't last long ha.
We had lots of yummy meals out, and a super delicious dinner in!
Lots of game time, the favorite for the trip was Fill or Bust.
It is SO PRETTY up there!!!
 It was a little squishy on the way back to the airport, but we made it!
 We got back to Long Beach to find a flat tire. Hard to get too grumpy though when we just had such an amazing weekend! Can't wait to do it again :>)