Sunday, April 16, 2017

Brendan's birthday

11! How is that possible? Brendan is growing like a weed. He is a smart kid! He recently got into the magnet program for our district for middle school, we are really proud of him. He loves to read, play video games, play with Samantha, and EAT! He still really enjoys tae kwon do, and has been working really hard towards his upcoming black belt test. He can complain with the best of them, but he really is a great kid and we are lucky to have him!
 It is a non-party year, and he decided he wanted to invite a couple of friends to go to the air show. It was a first for my boys, and they had a great time!
They met some neat people and saw a lot of cool stuff. They loved all the tricks the planes did!

 Afterwards they pigged out at Farrell's :>)
 His actual birthday was on Easter, so after we did all the bunny stuff he was able to open his gifts. He was really excited for her new nerf gun and video game! 
 He also got new scout stuff since he is moving up from cubs. His scout shirt is ENORMOUS. It's an adult medium, but Rich pointed out that it needs to fit him for the next 6 years. He could realistically grow a foot plus in that time frame, which is kind of crazy to think about!
For his birthday dinner he picked steak, sausage, and mac'n'cheese (hello cholesterol!). For dessert he wanted a peanut butter trifle. This marks the first time I haven't decorated a cake for his birthday, I really kind of struggled with the fact that he is too old for Star Wars and superhero cakes. What is happening???
Happy birthday Brendan, we love you!


We had fun getting ready for Easter! We did our traditional flashlight egg hunt at the park...
and did another egg hunt with cousins (the girls had a THIRD egg hunt with primary but I didn't take any pictures!)
Kristi was at our house and we dyed eggs.
Easter baskets are always fun!

 I love to see these kids all dressed up :>) 

 We had a great day at church with our family celebrating our Savior!

Friday, April 14, 2017

San Diego

We took the kids on a quick trip down to San Diego over spring break. We started by doing the Torrey Pines hike (which I tried REALLY hard to find last year and was actually not difficult to find at all). We went close to 4 miles, and the kids whined a bunch, but it really was so beautiful! They got to climb on fun rocks
 and take a cool little staircase down to the beach.

 The views were beautiful!

 and there were wildflowers everywhere.
 Afterwards we headed to our hotel. I've never stayed in an Embassy Suites before but it was perfect with 4 kids! On the app it let me pick our room, so we got a beautiful view of the Midway. The guy also gave the kids all donuts when we checked in, and the breakfast was delicious. We'll be back!
 We walked around Seaport Village with the kids and had a great time. They really are at a GREAT age for this!
 We all enjoyed seeing the Midway and all the boats in the harbor.
 Whitney was the one who wanted to go look at this statue, the other kids did not approve lol.
 We also spent a few hours down in Coronado, I love that beach!
 Grandma and Bob came down to join us for a bit as well.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017


We went down to Oceanside to hang out with some friends during spring break. The weather was perfect and it was a great day! 

We are missing Crystal and Bryn in this picture, but it was a fun group.
All was well until we were packing up to leave and Isaac went missing. It seemed like FOREVER until we found him, but it was probably 20 minutes. Poor Meagan was a wreck, it's a scary feeling. He's fine though and all was well!

Saturday, April 8, 2017


I really do love Ragnar. Last year I was still recovering from my stress fracture and wasn't able to do it, I was sad about that! This year, they changed the registration process and we had to register by the beginning of AUGUST. That's so early. Vanessa was the captain and I was helping her out, we managed to wrangle together an almost-full team. Over time though people started dropping out/moving, and we had a revolving door of subs coming through. About 2 months out, Vanessa got injured and had to drop out, then her 2 sister-in-laws decided they didn't want to do it without her and someone else got injured so all of a sudden I was captain and we were missing 1/3 of our team. We ended up finding people, but soon after I tweaked my Achilles (it got super swollen and crackly, yuck!) and I wasn't even sure if I was going to be able to do it. I didn't get to train much (in fact I ran a grand total of 17 miles in the 6 weeks leading up to Ragnar which is kind of pathetic and stressed me out a bunch) BUT it held up on me and we managed to finish the race! I was in van 2 this year, so Friday morning while van 1 was starting we met at Melissa's to decorate her car and get going!
 We met up with van 1 at the first major exchange. I only knew 2 of them to start but they are a fun bunch! We also met Kim there who was the last member of our van. I was already impressed that she was willing to join a team full of strangers, and by the end of the race it felt like we had known her forever. She was definitely the fastest on our team, we were lucky to have her!
Fran ended up being unable to run with us this year, but she was nice enough to volunteer for our team and we got to meet up with her for a bit!
 My first leg was fun! It was 4.9 miles and had a good amount of downhill. And a good amount of stoplights (in fact I got stuck at one for an ENTIRE SONG). I ran through Dana Point and finished at sunset on Doheny Beach. Beautiful! I was happy with my pace as well (8:46 not counting stoplights!).
 After we finished leg 1 we got some dinner and hung out at Kim's house for a bit. We only had about a 4 hour break and then we met van 1 for the next leg! I kind of like the night runs (although running with a headlamp is not my favorite!). Saturday was Melissa's birthday which made it extra fun.
My second leg was 4.6 miles and also had a good amount of downhill which was nice! About 1/2 mile in a random guy named Clayton and I started running together, we were about the same pace and it was nice to have a running buddy! Our leg was fairly isolated (it was also 3:30 in the morning so not much traffic!). Pace was decent at 8:51. After leg 2 we went back to Kim's house to try to get some sleep. Poor Amy had a bad cough, so I didn't get much sleep. I felt ok though. We met van 1 at Torrey Pines to start our last leg! We had a lot of mileage this time (over 40 miles for our van) and paired with very little sleep we were kind of gassed out (except for Kim who was tapering for the Boston Marathon. I'm sure she could have run a lot more very easily!).
Melissa started us off with a 10 miler. We stopped by this cliff to sing happy birthday to her and cheer for other runners going by. The view sure was pretty!

 My last leg started just after 4. It was 7.8 miles, which made me nervous because I hadn't run more than 5 miles in about 6 weeks. I also only had about 1/2 hour of sleep ad I was tired! It started off ok, the course was flat on a beautiful trail near silver strand beach. The first couple miles were slow but felt good, but about 2 miles in the wind picked up. The wind was blowing either sideways or head on for the rest of my leg, and it felt like I was running uphill. It probably wasn't that bad but at the time it felt like a hurricane! The last couple miles I was really struggling. I joked later that if it was 1/2 mile longer I wouldn't be able to tell you my name, but I was a little serious :>) Eventually I made it to the finish line though! My pace was horrible at 10:57, but I was REALLY happy to finish! About halfway home I found the gel I put in my pocket, probably would have been helpful if I remembered that lol.
This was a GREAT group of ladies I ran with! And after a good night's sleep I am ready to sign up for next year. Cause at the rate they are going registration will probably be next month :>)

Thursday, April 6, 2017


It was been fun (and ear-splitting!) listening to Brendan learn trumpet this year. Beginning band days sometimes require ear plugs :>) They had their first concert a couple months ago, and honestly it was completely horrible/adorable at the same time. He is happy to be in band with Maxx!
Recently he was able to be in the elementary school honor band. I wouldn't say it was amazing, but there was a HUGE improvement! They got to play fun songs like Star Wars and something about a lake monster where they got to scream at the end. I completely enjoyed every minute of that performance!
 Grandma got to come as well!