Sunday, April 29, 2018

Brendan's priesthood ordination

Brendan was able to get the priesthood at church today! He looked so handsome in his new suit.
 There was a lot of family nearby who could join us. 

 Afterwards we came back to our house, and ate our knock-off CafĂ© Rio food (as per Brendan's request). It was delicious! The cousins all had a great time playing together.

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Clean Extreme

My kids actually love the Clean Extreme, and look forward to it every year (usually because it involves paint and getting really messy!). This year it was at the stadium and levee, it's always a treat to run into Thunder!
 Our group started by picking up trash and cleaning leaves/debris from the bushes by the fire lane...
 Then they got to paint the curb! Red paint was all over them but they had fun. There were also some kids from their school in our group which made it that more exciting.
 Our group finished pretty quickly, so then we picked up trash for awhile. We finished with some hot dogs and chips, it was a great morning!

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Grand Canyon

Lat year we had plans to hike the Grand Canyon with some friends from our ward, but then 2 of them got pregnant so that derailed our plans! Then, after they had their babies they both moved away, so Jaime and I figured that it would never happen. BUT, those gals are tough and asked if we wanted to plan a trip, so we jumped on it! Jaime and I headed out after breakfast on Friday. We had a fun and uneventful drive, and stopped off at this sweet place in Needles. We picked it primarily because the name was SO AWESOME (and let's face it, there's not a lot to pick from in Needles!). It may have had the smelliest bathroom I have ever encountered in a restaurant, but the food was actually really delicious.
We got to our hotel that night, and met up with Bryn, Toreva and Susan. The next day we were up and ready to go with ALL KINDS of pep in our step!
This was my first view of the Grand Canyon, and it was pretty amazing.
 There were signs everywhere warning of death and destruction (the squirrels will give you the plague, you will drown in the Colorado river, if you hike past this point in one day you might look like this poor guy on the sign...). It was a bit comical (well, probably not for people who got the plague or drowned or turned into a sunburned vomiting mess).
 Every turn brought more beautiful views!


 Our first big stop was at Phantom Ranch down by the river. It was a cute little place!
We got to see some wildlife
 and relax by the stream. The nice thing about hiking with 2 nursing mamas is that we got to take LONG breaks while they pumped (seriously, they are way more hard core than me!)
The black bridge and silver bridge were really neat!
We hiked a couple more hours to Indian Gardens. It really was beautiful, and we enjoyed another rest!
Then we started the last five miles which have a TON of elevation climb. This was the part I was worried about, but while we were tired it went fine! The views helped!
A mile or so from the top, we got reception back and Jaime got a call from her husband that we was getting released as Bishop the following morning! That gave us all a little more bounce in our step and all kinds of new conversation as we finished the hike.
Such a great day!
 Afterwards we took our stinky selves to a steakhouse for dinner, not sure if it was the hike or if the artichoke dip really was THAT DELICIOUS, but dinner was really good! We hit up the hot tub after that, and by the time we got settled in for bed and fell asleep it was probably close to midnight. We weren't planning to be at our ward on Sunday, but with the changes we woke up at 4:30 and hustled back home. It was an amazing sacrament meeting, and the new bishopric will be fantastic! Grateful for the Aragons and all they did for the ward :>)

Monday, April 16, 2018

Brendan is 12!

I can't believe Brendan is 12! That kind of blows my mind. He is a good kid! He loves his video games, does well in school, is goofy, can be a great brother when he wants to (and push everyone's buttons when he doesn't want to!). He is excited to get the priesthood and leave primary behind.

 We debated long and hard, but he did get a phone for his birthday. His reaction was one of my favorite things ever! And I love that he is always texting me to tell me "hi" and send me random pictures of tacos and hot dogs :>)
 He got his homemade waffles for breakfast...
 and In'n'Out for dinner.
  He wanted his party at Mulligan's, which was easy and fun.
 The boys really loved the go karts, and spent the bulk of their time on the track!
Laser tag was also a big hit.

 He wanted a green light saber cake, and even though we did this same cake in blue when he was little I was happy he asked for a cake this year (after getting a grown up dessert last year!). That is, I was happy until the left overs fell over in my car and made a giant mess :<( Happy birthday kid!

Sunday, April 15, 2018


This dog. She can be so sweet, and yet such a holy terror. She is adorable, and sleeps in these funny positions, and the kids think she is amazing. We finished basic obedience training, and she did really well (if I was disciplined enough to practice with her regularly, she could know some cool tricks by now lol)
I love that she gets my kids playing outside of the house.

 When we aren't around however our sweet pup turns into Destructo Dog. Shoes, bike helmets, roller skates, avocado trees, nothing is safe from her. Not even the trampoline :<( Hoping she outgrows this chewing phase soon!

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Hiking Prep

I have a hiking trip planned to the Grand Canyon with some girlfriends! It's really long with a lot of elevation changes, so I have been trying to prepare myself. Jaime and I have been hitting the hills behind our house (dodging the occasional snake), and it's been fun. I dragged Rich and Belli out with me a couple times.
We took the kids out once as well, which they were less than thrilled about ha!

Jaime and I went on a couple longer ones as well. We checked out Los Pinos Peak, where we saw nice views of Lake Elsinore...
 and the ocean!

 We also did a 10-miler on the East Horsethief Trail (which honestly I never would have found without the trail app and my phone. There wasn't a sign and we stomped around the underbrush for quite awhile until we found the trailhead. It was beautiful once we found it however! We could see
Lake Elsinore and Lake Matthews
 The wildflowers were pretty!

Jaime was good at naming the big hills (Devil's Peak and Big Dog were my favorite). I think we are ready for the Grand Canyon!