Sunday, September 16, 2018

St. George and Cinderella

The girls and I were excited to go back to St George this year with a lot of the girl cousins to see Cinderella! They went to the first couple hours of school Friday. The school was celebrating Patriot Day, and they invited all parents who were military/first responders to come in uniform. The kids were really happy to have their dad there!
 Then we hit the road. They didn't have to fight their brothers over which girl movies to watch, and we stopped for a delicious Café Rio lunch along the way!
 We arrived to the timeshare uneventfully, after we checked in with everyone we went to the Pizza Factory for dinner!
Afterwards we stayed up late swimming, playing cards, and eating ridiculous amounts of junk food. Three of my nieces are in college now, it was so fun to catch up with them!
 There was not a lot of sleep happening ha ha.
 On Saturday we hung out with all the cousins and did some shopping. My girls were in heaven! 
 We had fun with all the Halloween stuff. 
We had to make a Swig stop while we were there!
We squeezed in a bit more pool time before the play.

Saturday night we went down to Tuacahn. It really is beautiful!
The play was amazing. The sets were incredible, and the scenes where the fairy godmother transformed everything were pretty magical. My favorite part though was looking over at my girls' faces during it, priceless!
Afterwards we ate ice cream and played more games and went to bed way too late. Waking the girls up to drive home the next morning was not that easy lol. 
I love this new tradition that Rich's family has, I hope we can continue it!

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

The Twins are 8!

My babies are 8! They woke up and opened their presents, then we had pancakes and whipped cream per their request. They have been begging for these hairstyle doll heads, they look a bit creepy but they play with them all the time 😂 

Whitney was really excited to bring Ding Dongs to share with her class! So excited that she insisted on taking a picture with them ha ha.
 After school we had a party for them at Chuck E Cheese. There was a good turnout and they had a lot of fun!

For cake, Sabrina wanted chocolate "ocean" cupcakes. We made these white and purple chocolate shells, and it was pretty easy!
Whitney was a bit more complicated, and wanted a dolphin cake. Specifically, a PINK dolphin cake. I found a pattern online, it ended up being quite a bit bigger than I expected but as ridiculous as it looked she loved it!
Happy birthday to my favorite girls in the world! 

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Baptism/Temple Pics

On Saturday afternoon, we made a spur of the moment decision to go down to San Diego and get some baptism pictures for the girls (since their birthday is coming SOON!). I planned to get there around 5, BUT I was bringing dinner to a friend and it ended up taking longer than I expected so we didn't actually get there til closer to 6. I hadn't done their hair yet or anything, and we were in a hurry so I did it really fast without hair spray. Whitney wanted a certain style but it wasn't working well, and without hairspray Sabrina's hair went flat pretty quickly. Basically their hair was a hot mess but we tried :>) We didn't have a lot of light left so we squeezed them in quickly, these aren't perfect but I do love these girls!

Afterwards we got dinner at Café Rio, it was a great night with my favorite girls!