Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Bryce Canyon

The kids were staying at their grandparents for the week, so Rich and I decided to take our time coming home and enjoy a little getaway for our anniversary! Neither of us have ever been to Bryce Canyon, so we went to do some exploring. It was so beautiful!!!
The hoodoos were amazing
On Monday we hiked the Queen's garden and Navajo loop trails. It was gorgeous!
We saw the Two Bridges...
and Thor's Hammer.
We took a little jaunt down to Wall Street (which was super fun hiking back up lol)
It was really pretty though!

That night we stayed at a nearby hotel, and had a lovely RELAXING evening! We watched Stranger Things, I read my book, and we had an ok and overpriced dinner across the street (not too many options to eat there in the winter!). Tuesday morning we hiked the fairyland loop. 

 There wasn't too much snow overall, but we found some here and there!

 We found the Tower Bridge...
 and the China Wall.
 It was a beautiful 8 mile hike, with tons of elevation changes (just like the 5 miles we did the day before). When we finished we hopped in the car and headed home, we got out a couple hours later to eat lunch and I was reminded that we are not as young as we used to be! Hello old lady hips. It was a great trip though! So fun to spend some good time with each other and explore this beautiful world that we have. The drive home was LONG (there were 3 accidents between state line and Barstow that added a couple hours to our trip) but we made it eventually. We got home at 10 pm to discover that in our absence Belli ate every sandal Rich owns as well as most of the kids' soccer cleats/shin guards. They were on a shelf in the garage that she has never messed with, but I guess she got bored. Yikes!

Monday, January 1, 2018

Utah trip

We had a fun trip to Utah! We broke up the long drive by stopping at the 7 Magic Mountains. Rich thought it was a lame reason to stop, but it was good to get out and stretch our legs a bit. And they really are kind of cool.
 In Utah we went to the outlets with my cute nieces
We visited Janine and had fun with her new snuggie
We saw Jumanji, which was really fun!
 Saturday was Emily's birthday! We started off by going bowling

 then out for pizza to celebrate!
 New Year's Eve was a lot of fun. We played a LOT of bingo. The kids all had fun being the announcer, and Mary had a ton of fun prizes. We also ate ridiculous quantities of food, specifically the loaded bread dip (SO YUMMY!!!) 

 The kids had so much fun playing with their cousins, and had lots of sleepovers (which may or may not have involved much sleep). Love our family! 

Monday, December 25, 2017


Christmas was great this year! We had a nice morning with family opening gifts and eating crepes. The boys were excited to get Dodgers World Series hats.
The girls are LOVING their new karaoke machine (their brothers are not huge fans surprisingly)

Kristi sent me this picture of the boys enjoying the inflatable chair, sometimes they actually DO like each other :>)
Kristi got us a cool Dodgers corn hole game
In the afternoon we went to the Schramm's for our LAST family gathering at this house. Their new place looks pretty amazing though!


 We are all excited for Sarah and Kameron to have a baby this year! The youngest cousin is going to be a mama, so crazy to me!

Sunday, December 24, 2017


I LOVE how excited our kids get for our elf to come every year! This year Jiminy was a bit lazier and didn't do as many cool things, they kids didn't seem to mind though :>) We did have a few favorites! He left us a rainbow science experiment.

 He was rooting for the boys at their spelling bee!
 The t-rex got him
 He gave us all mustaches
 and danced with some cute twin elfs!
 He also enjoyed some stargazing.
Til next year, Jiminy!